Store International The Principles of European Contract Law, Parts I & II
The Principles of European Contract Law, Parts I & II

The Principles of European Contract Law, Parts I & II

By The Commission on European Contract Law, Ole Lando, Hugh Beale


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The Principles of European Contract Law Parts I & II covers the core rules of contract: formation, authority of agents, validity, interpretation, contents, performance, non-performance and remedies. The articles previously published in Part I (1995) are included in a revised and re-ordered form.

The Principles have been drawn up by an independent body of experts from each Member State of the EU, under a project supported by the European Commission and many other organisations. The Principles are stated in the form of articles, with a detailed commentary explaining the purpose and operation of each article and its relation to the remainder. A particularly valuable feature is that each article also has extensive comparative notes surveying the national laws and other international provisions on the topic.

Among others, all these professionals can benefit from this book:

  • An arbitrator has to decide a case under a contract `to be governed by internationally accepted principles of law'
  • A business person is negotiating a contract with a company in another EU state, but neither party wishes to apply the law of the other party's country
  • A lawyer is advising parties to contracts involving parties in other States
  • An EU official is drafting a new Directive affecting contracts
  • A professor of law wants her students to gain a solid understanding of the way in which contracts are treated by the laws of the different Member States, and to understand the common principles

All these need to know the fundamental principles of contract law shared by the legal systems of the Member States and to have a concise, comprehensive and workable statement of them. The Principles of European Contract Law provides this.

Publish Date 11/01/1999
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789041113054
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Table of Contents
  1. General Provisions
  2. Formation.
  3. Liability for negotiations
  4. Authority of Agents
  5. Validity
  6. Interpretation
  7. Contents and Effects
  8. Performance
  9. Non-Performance and Remedies in General
  10. Particular Remedies for Non-Performance