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The Law of Unmanned Aircraft Systems. An Introduction to the Current and Future Regulation under National, Regional and International Law by Benjamyn I. Scott

The Law of Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Edited by Benjamyn I. Scott


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Aerospace Law and Policy Series Volume 11

The Law of Unmanned Aircraft Systems. An Introduction to the Current and Future Regulation under National, Regional and International Law is a collection of expert essays that provides a comprehensive overview of the areas of air law relevant to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). The acceleration in the development and use of UAS across the world has rapidly spawned a patchwork of regulatory initiatives in the field. It is with the purpose of synthesizing and clarifying this diverse body of international, regional, and national law – and of indicating trends and areas of concern – that this extraordinary collection has been compiled. The authors, working in many different parts of the world, are all in some way affiliated with the International Institute of Air and Space Law at Leiden University as alumni, faculty members or students.

What’s in this book:

With details of developments affecting countries in every continent, including Antarctica, the authors delve into the ways in which regulation of UAS is affected by aviation law elements such as the following:

  • insurance;
  • criminal and civil liability;
  • role of international and supranational agencies – International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), European Union (EU), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Association of Southeast Nations (ASEAN);
  • privacy and cyber security; and
  • civil UAS markets.

The book is divided into sections, and further into chapters, enabling the reader to explore each topic in greater depth. The first section of the book examines specific issues in air law facing regulators within the area of UAS. The second section explores different elements of European attempts at regulating UAS. Following detailed investigations of international and regional developments, the third section of the book covers a cross-section of national laws (Antarctica, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Cyprus, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovenia, South Africa, Suriname, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Turkey, United Kingdom, and United States).

The authors’ approach throughout the book is introductory, allowing those unfamiliar with this field to gain valuable insight into this fascinating and dynamic area, whilst also being critical and focused, so that those more involved in the legal dimension of aviation law can also further their knowledge.

How will this help you:

Without a doubt, this work both enriches the legal literature already available and encourages stakeholders in this burgeoning field of aviation law to further examine and challenge developments and trends in regulation and in practice. The information provided is the most current, ensuring that the reader has the most up-to-date commentary on the subject. Furthermore, the authors are sourced, inter alia, from law firms, universities and regulators, and are based across six continents, giving the book a broad multi-faceted perspective. Lawyers, law firms, academics, governments (together with relevant governmental and non-governmental agencies), and strategic planners in the UAS industry will all welcome this groundbreaking resource.

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Table of Contents

Editor and Contributors



List of Abbreviations


Part I Introduction

CHAPTER 1 Overview Benjamyn I. Scott

Part II International Issues

CHAPTER 2 Terminology, Definitions and Classifications Benjamyn I. Scott

CHAPTER 3 Small and Micro Unmanned Aircraft Stefan A. Kaiser

CHAPTER 4 The Applicability of the Public International Air Law Regime to the Operation of UAS Fernando Fiallos

CHAPTER 5 Civil Liability Issues in International Transport Charlotte Thijssen

CHAPTER 6 Privacy Merinda E. Stewart

CHAPTER 7 Cyber Security Deepika Jeyakodi

CHAPTER 8 Criminal Liability Yasmin Bhatti

CHAPTER 9 Aspects of Insurance for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Nicholas Medniuk

Part III Regional Developments

CHAPTER 10 Small Drones in Europe: Business As Usual? Roderick D. van Dam

CHAPTER 11 The European Union and Civil Drones: The Riga Declaration and the Future of the European RPAS Industry Vincent Correia & Noura Rouissi

CHAPTER 12 European Aviation Safety Agency Gustavo Boccardo

CHAPTER 13 Overview of the ASEAN and Its UAS Regulation: The Uneven Road of Harmonisation Anggia Rukmasari

Part IV National Law

CHAPTER 14 Antarctica Benjamyn I. Scott

CHAPTER 15 Australia Merinda E. Stewart

CHAPTER 16 Austria Florian Wallner

CHAPTER 17 Belgium Yasmin Bhatti

CHAPTER 18 Brazil Giselle Deiró

CHAPTER 19 Canada Patrick Vermette

CHAPTER 20 Colombia José Ignacio García-Arboleda

CHAPTER 21 China Pai Zheng

CHAPTER 22 Cyprus Chrystel Erotokritou & Sofia Michaelides-Mateou

CHAPTER 23 France Thomas Leclerc

CHAPTER 24 Germany Katja Helen Brecke

CHAPTER 25 India Nitin Sarin

CHAPTER 26 Indonesia Anggia Rukmasari

CHAPTER 27 Italy Federico Bergamasco

CHAPTER 28 Japan Momoyo Kinase

CHAPTER 29 Mexico Yshya de la Peña

CHAPTER 30 The Netherlands Wouter Oude Alink

CHAPTER 31 Portugal Maria José Viegas

CHAPTER 32 Republic of Korea Nicole (Kongmyoung) Oh

CHAPTER 33 Romania Iulia-Diana Galeriu

CHAPTER 34 Russian Federation Alexander Batalov

CHAPTER 35 Slovenia Alexander Uroš Košenina

CHAPTER 36 South Africa Thomas Lawrenson

CHAPTER 37 Suriname Clifford Themen

CHAPTER 38 Switzerland and Liechtenstein Florian Wallner

CHAPTER 39 Turkey Resat Volkan Gunel

CHAPTER 40 United Kingdom Benjamyn I. Scott

CHAPTER 41 United States Fernando Fiallos

Part V Conclusions

CHAPTER 42 Concluding Remarks Benjamyn I. Scott


APPENDIX I: Types of Aircraft

APPENDIX II: Characteristics Table