Store International The Law and Policy of Air Space and Outer Space: A Comparative Approach

The Law and Policy of Air Space and Outer Space: A Comparative Approach

By Peter P.C. Haanappel


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This is a policy oriented and comparatively oriented textbook on air and space law for students and practitioners. It covers the history and development in air and space law;
  • their interrelationships with the law of the seas and the law of Antartica;
  • institutions working in the field of air and space law;
  • sovereignty in national penal air law;
  • private international air law, especially liability law; and
  • public and private space law

    Much attention is devoted to the law of air commerce: bilateral air services agreements; inter-airline co-operation; the effect of competition, antitrust and European Union law; deregulation, privatization and commercialization of air transport; ownership and control of airlines, and airline alliances; multilateralisation of air transport; and congestion and environmental controls. The last chapter of the book briefly deals with the legal aspects of commercial outer space application. Increasingly, air transport, both in fact and in law, is becoming an ordinary industry like any other and is being treated as such. Rapidly, commercial outer space activities are being privatized and commercialized.

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    Table of Contents
    Preface, Selected Abbreviations Introductory chapter A. The autonomy of air and space law B. Treatment of subject matters Chapter 1. The origins of air and space law A. The origins of air law B. The origins of space law C. Interrelationships Chapter 2. National sovereignty A. Sovereignty in airspace B. Sovereignty in outer space C. Interrelationships Chapter 3. Organisations A. Aeronautical organisations B. Astronautical organisations C. Interrelationships Chapter 4. Public aerospace law A. The Chicago Convention system B. Penal air law C. The corpus iuris spatialis D. Other UN outer space law instruments Chapter 5. Private aerospace law A. The Warsaw Convention system B. The Rome Convention system C. Other private air law conventions D. Non-conventional private international air law E. The Liability Convention F. Other private international outer space law Chapter 6. The law and policy of air commerce A. The freedoms of the air B. Bilateral air transport agreements C. Traditional inter-airline co-operation D. Competition law E. European Union law F. Deregulation, privatisation and commercialisation of air transport G. Ownership and control of airlines and airline alliances H. Multilateralisation of international air transport I. Slots and environmental protection Chapter 7. Commercial activities in outer space A. Telecommunications B. Remote sensing C. Launching D. Transportation E. Communication and navigation, Concluding remarks, Annexes Annex 1. Chicago Convention 1944 Annex 2. Tokyo Convention 1963 Annex 3. Hague Convention 1970 Annex 4. Montreal Convention 1971 Annex 5. Outer Space Treaty 1967 Annex 6. Registration Treaty 1975 Annex 7. Moon Agreement 1979 Annex 8. Montreal Convention 1999 Annex 9. Aircraft Equipment Protocol to Cape Town Convention 2001 Annex 10. Liability Convention 1972 Annex 11. Draft Protocol on Matters relating to Space Assets 2002 Annex 12. US Model Open Skies Agreement (current) Selected bibliography, Index