Store International The Crypto Controversy: A Key Conflict in the Information Society
The Crypto Controversy: A Key Conflict in the Information Society

The Crypto Controversy: A Key Conflict in the Information Society

By Bert-Jaap Koops


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Cryptography is essential for information security and electronic commerce, yet it can also be abused by criminals to thwart police wiretaps and computer searches. How should governments address this conflict of interests? Will they require people to deposit crypto keys with a `trusted' agent? Will governments outlaw cryptography that does not provide for law-enforcement access?

This is not yet another study of the crypto controversy to conclude that this or that interest is paramount. This is not a study commissioned by a government, nor is it a report that campaigns on the electronic frontier. The Crypto Controversy is neither a cryptography handbook nor a book drenched in legal jargon.

The Crypto Controversy pays attention to the reasoning of both privacy activists and law-enforcement agencies, to the particulars of technology as well as of law, to `solutions' offered both by cryptographers and by governments. Koops proposes a method to balance the conflicting interests and applies this to the Dutch situation, explaining both technical and legal issues for anyone interested in the subject.

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Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. An Information Society needs Information Security
  3. Cryptography, a Key Technology for Information Security
  4. Cryptocriminals, a Public Concern
  5. A Survey of Cryptography Laws and Regulations
  6. Framework and Set of Principles
  7. Outlawing Cryptography
  8. LEAKing through the Public Key Infrastructure
  9. Demanding Decryption
  10. Alternative Investigation Measures
  11. The Zero Option
  12. Reconciling Interests