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The Belt and Road Initiative: Legal Risks and Opportunities Facing Chinese Engineering Contractors Operating Overseas by PERMANENT FORUM OF CHINA

The Belt and Road Initiative: Legal Risks and Opportunities Facing Chinese Engineering Contractors Operating Overseas

By Permanent Forum of China Construction Law


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About this book:

The Belt and Road Initiative, written by prominent adjudicators, lawyers, scholars, entrepreneurs and consultants with extensive first-hand experience in global construction matters, will assist Chinese contractors in identifying, managing and mitigating the inherent risks involved, including those arising from the political, social, economic and legal contexts of the foreign jurisdiction. With the development of global economic integration and the implementation of China’s “going global” strategy, more and more Chinese enterprises have begun to expand their businesses to overseas markets. The “Belt and Road” initiative designed to enhance trade flows and spur long-term regional economic growth through infrastructure projects, has expanded China’s overseas construction market.

What’s in this book:

Drawing on real-life experiences of project managers, lawyers, arbitrators and others—and including summaries of both successful and unsuccessful cases—this book comprehensively covers the variety of risks facing Chinese contractors of international engineering projects and provides useful advice on how to address them. The issues and topics covered in this book are:

  • understanding the political, social and market environment of the host country;
  • cost and scheduling impacts of host country regulation;
  • dispute resolution mechanisms;
  • site security;
  • health and medical environment;
  • availability of local goods and materials;
  • appointment of local subcontractors;
  • public relations and social responsibility; and
  • insurance.

Questionnaires and interviews covering a wide variety of Chinese overseas construction projects provide expert perspectives on risk analysis and management, best practices, precautions, issues to be adjudicated in arbitrations and much more.

How this will help you:

Addressing all the practical difficulties and problems encountered before and during an overseas construction project, this book will help in-house counsel for Chinese enterprises and those who interact with them improve management, reduces risks, and protect rights and interests. It will also serve as a general guide for international engineering contractors, given that the risks Chinese enterprises face in their overseas operations are shared by their international counterparts. International lawyers, scholars and researchers specializing in construction law, arbitrators, arbitral institutions and international project owners will find this book useful.

Publish Date 08/22/2019
Publish Frequency As Needed
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789403514406
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Table of Contents

List of Contributors




Chapter 1

Political, Social and Market Environment of the Country

Chapter 2

Legal Environment in Host Countries

Chapter 3

Risks of Project Stakeholders

Chapter 4

Project Risks

Chapter 5

Internal Risks of Contractors



See what our clients are saying:

"The book provides nuanced and thoughtful guidance to Chinese contractors working on BRI projects around the globe, including practical solutions to the variety of setbacks they can expect: labour strikes, customs delays, and changes to local regulations and permitting requirements."

Kiran Nasir Gore and Charles H. Camp, Law Offices of Charles H. Camp, P.C

The World Financial Review | March 2020