Store International Thailand: Financial Sector Reform and The East Asian Crises
Thailand: Financial Sector Reform and The East Asian Crises

Thailand: Financial Sector Reform and The East Asian Crises

By Tull Traisorat


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This book takes as its focus the current supervisory and regulatory framework for bank supervision in Thailand and the Thai authorities' efforts to modernise and restructure the Thai banking system. It examines the obstacles to this restructuring, which include the current economic difficulties in Thailand and the East Asia region as well as more fundamental historical, cultural and socio-economic factors that underpin Thai society.

The book looks at the numerous banking statutes put in place in Thailand in the past sixty years, including legislation of the 1980s in response to problems involving fraud, insider dealing and solvency concerns. It examines how historically ambiguous structures of governmental responsibility and power, and a heavy emphasis on government discretion in regulation, have so far inhibited the effectiveness of this extensive body of legislation in developing a sound modern banking system.

There follows an in-depth analysis of the 1997-1998 Thai Banking Crisis and ways in which lessons can be learned to avoid similar crises in future. The author argues for a greater degree of transparency in the regulatory process to bring it into line with internationally accepted standards, for increased supervisory implementation and enforcement by Thai governmental authorities, and for the ultimate depoliticisation of the bank regulatory and supervisory processes.

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Table of Contents
  1. The Backdrop: The Underpinnings of the Modern Thai Bank Supervisory System and Related Governmental Laws and Policies
  2. The Historical Context pre 1973: Dysfunctional Influences Shaping the Modern Thai Banking system
  3. Attempting to Address Fundamentals through Reactions to Recent Thai Financial Crises (late 1970s-mid 1990s): Substantive Structural Reform or Façade
  4. The Thai Financial and Economic Crisis of 1997-8: An Opportunity to Re-address the Fundamentals
  5. Conclusion: Moving Forward Towards a Modernised and `Safe and Sound' Banking Sector Environment in Thailand.