Store Legal / Corporate Sweet on Construction Industry Contracts: Major AIA Documents, Seventh Edition
Sweet on Construction Industry Contracts: Major AIA Documents, Seventh Edition

Sweet on Construction Industry Contracts: Major AIA Documents, Seventh Edition



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Sweet on Construction Industry Contracts: Major AIA Documents is the essential reference for every attorney representing owners, contractors, and architects. No other publication delivers this expert analysis of the AIA documents.

Sweet on Construction Industry Contracts takes a uniquely practical approach, delivering in-depth analysis of both document interpretation and interaction between the documents. It also presents well-informed perspectives and insights into judicial interpretations and supplies additional guidance on compensation and other owner obligations, performance, changes to the project, defects, contractor duties and obligations, dispute resolution, and more. This valuable resource fully covers the most important AIA documentsA101, A201,A401,A701 and B101—and it delivers:

  • Detailed explanations of the new AIA documents
  • Expert analysis and practice-based perspective
  • Practical guidance on a wide variety of contract-related issues
  • Reliable insights into the duties and obligations of all parties
  • Proven insights into litigating your construction contracts
  • And more!

Sweet on Construction Industry Contracts: Major AIA Documents, Seventh Edition has been updated to include coverage of:

  • Issuing Architect Certificates
  • Architect as Interpreter and Initial Resolver of Disputes
  • Assisting the Owner: Approvals and Disputes
  • Implied and Express Warranties; Owner Protection
  • Defects, Inspection and Tests
  • A201 (2007) Change Orders (Construction Change Directives), Waiver: Constructive Change
  • Omissions from B101-2007
  • Binding Dispute Resolution, Validity of Legal Challenges
  • Involvement With Subcontractors
  • Control Over Subcontracts, Flow-Through Provisions
  • Quality of Workmanship and Material: Warranties
  • AIA’s General Arbitration Clause, Subcontractor Participation
  • Insurance and Bonds, Property Insurance, Waiver of Subrogation
  • Site Services Generally, Project Representative
  • Equitable Adjustments
  • And much more

Previous Edition: Sweet on Construction Industry Contracts: Major AIA Documents, Sixth Edition, ISBN 9781454844518

Pages 2828
Last Updated 11/05/2018
Product Line Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S.
ISBN 9781454897866
SKU 10050688-7777
Table of Contents
  • AIA Document System
  • Should You Use an AIA Document?
  • Judicial Attitude Toward AIA Documents
  • Contracts for Design Services
  • Architectural Services
  • Compensation and other Owner Obligations
  • Ownership of Documents/ Intellectual Property
  • Arbitration
  • Planning Overview: Selection of Documents
  • Performance Determinants
  • Changes
  • Defects
  • Concealed or Unknown Site Conditions
  • Site Control and Responsibilities
  • Payment
  • Time
  • Subcontractors
  • Separate Contracts
  • Contractual Indemnification
  • Suspension and Termination
  • Binding Dispute Resolution: Litigation and Arbitration
  • Insurance and Bonds
  • Boilerplate



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