Store Corporate / Government Solicitations, Bids, Proposals and Source Selection: Building a Winning Contract
Solicitations, Bids, Proposals and Source Selection: Building a Winning Contract

Solicitations, Bids, Proposals and Source Selection: Building a Winning Contract

By Gregory A. Garrett, Gail A. Parrott


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The book explains in detail the buying and selling life-cycle used in both the public and private business sectors, along with proven effective strategies for creating successful solicitations, bids, proposals and contracts, backed up by numerous case studies, interviews with recognized business professionals, and dozens of tips and best practices. Specific topics covered in the book include: understanding the entire buying & selling life-cycle; applying proven tools, techniques, and best practices to develop quality solicitation documents (request for proposal, request for quote, etc); how to develop an effective bid/no bid decision making process, including a comprehensive business case analysis and risk assessment; preparing best-in-class bids/proposals which meet or exceed customer requirements; understanding the contract negotiation process and proven best practices; mastering the art of oral presentation of proposals; and optimizing source selection planning and evaluation activities.

Pages 368
Publish Date 03/11/2007
Product Line Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S.
ISBN 9780808016120
SKU 10028538-0001
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Chapter 1: The Buying & Selling Life-Cycle: Learning to Dance Together

Chapter 2: Pre-Bid/Proposal Phase: Procurement Planning, Solicitation Planning & Preparation


Chapter 3: Pre-Bid/Proposal Phase: Pre-Sales Activities & Bid/No Bid Decision


Chapter 4: Bid/Proposal Phase: Bid/Proposal Development & Reviews/Approvals


Chapter 5: Bid/Proposal Phase: Source Selection Planning & Evaluation

Chapter 6: Post-Bid/Proposal Phase: Contract Negotiation & Formation

Chapter 7: Post-Bid/Proposal Phase: Contract Administration & Closeout


Chapter 8: U.S. Federal Government Marketplace: Solicitations, Bids/Proposals, & Source Selection -- Best Practices

Chapter 9: U.S. Commercial Marketplace: Solicitations, Bids/Proposals & Contracts -- Best Practices

Chapter 10: Multi-National/Global Marketplace: Buying & Selling -- Best Practices


Appendix A

Bid/No-Bid Assessment Tool

Glossary of Key Terms