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Today’s patent attorneys and counsel representing clients involved with software must be able to access reliable information on patent processes worldwide. Software Patents Worldwide is the only resource providing expert insights and how-to guidance on drafting patent claims in the world’s key markets, which means you can practice with confidence and avoid errors—even in unfamiliar territory. A brand new resource, Software Patents Worldwide covers both mature and developing systems, enabling you to ask the right questions in each circumstance. This one-of-a-kind resource will help you answer key questions such as:

  • What is the proper procedure for obtaining a software patent?
  • How do we enforce our patents?
  • Is it even worth obtaining a patent in this jurisdiction?
  • How do the requirements of one jurisdiction compare to those of another?
  • How is the country’s Patent Act interpreted by local courts?
  • And more

Each chapter of Software Patents Worldwide follows the same outline, making it easy to find information quickly—and compare jurisdictions!

Introduction to country/region

Frequently Asked Questions regarding software patents in the country/region

Introduction to the legal system of the country/region

Court System

Patent System

Overview of the software industry in the country/region

Legal Basis according to current Patent Act

How the Patent Office Interprets the Patent Act

Patent Examination Guidelines in general

Specific Guidelines for software patents (if any)

Specific Guidelines for business method patents (if any)

Historical Development

Fields of Technology—specific, noteworthy examples that demonstrate the scope of protection afforded to software patents in the country/region

How to Draft a Software Patent for the Country/Region





Infringement and Enforcement

Future Directions

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Sample Chapter(s)
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Table of Contents
HIGHLIGHTS OF CONTENTS Introduction How to Draft Software Patent Claims China France Germany European Patent Organization Japan UK US Coverage of additional countries—including Korea and India—coming in future updates!