Store Legal Section 1983 Litigation Law Complete Six-Volume Set

Section 1983 Litigation Law Complete Six-Volume Set

By Martin A. Schwartz , John E. Kirklin, George C. Pratt
Book - Looseleaf

Book - Looseleaf

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Written by a team on nationally known experts, the Section 1983 Litigation Complete Six-Volume Set is the essential reference tool that allows you to deal successfully with every aspect of Section 1983 litigation. If you work on cases involving Section 1983, you'll find all the legal authority you'll ever need in this comprehensive collection. Cited over 100 times by federal and state courts, this extraordinary reference leads you step-by-step through the controlling laws governing virtually every important Section 1983 issue that has been litigated.

The Section 1983 Litigation Complete Six-Volume Set places incisive analyses of the statute and case law at your fingertips. This invaluable legal reference provides you with:

  • Circuit-by-circuit breakdowns of state and federal court decisions
  • Guidance on the substantive and procedural law that governs a Section 1983 claim
  • An extensive checklist to use when seeking or opposing an award of attorney's fees
  • An appendix of decisions that set forth prevailing market rates for attorneys and paraprofessionals
  • Comprehensive jury instructions and annotations for all Section 1983 jury issue

Individual volumes of the Section 1983 Litigation Complete Six-Volume Set are also sold separately:

  • Volumes 1, 1A and 1B: Claims and Defenses, Fourth Edition
  • Volume 2: Statutory Attorney's Fees, Fourth Edition
  • Volume 3: Federal Evidence, Fifth Edition
  • Volume 4: Jury Instructions, Second Edition

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