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Each day, SEC Today covers the latest SEC news and policymaking, including:

  • Top Story of the Day -- Each issue of SEC Today begins with a cover story detailing an issue or event of interest to the securities industry.
  • No-Action Letters -- All no-action letters released by the SEC are categorized and listed in SEC Today. Each list contains the name of the requesting party and the acts, sections and rules addressed in the SEC's response.
  • The SEC News Digest -- This daily guide of SEC activity includes listings of Commission Announcements, Enforcement Proceedings, Rules and Related Matters, including Releases under the Investment Company and Investment Advisor Acts and those for Self-Regulatory Organizations.

In addition, each issue of SEC Today provides a full listing of the previous day's filing activity in each of these areas:

  • Securities Act Registrations -- A listing of all registrations filed with the SEC including company name and address, description of company's business, form type, type and number of securities issued, managing underwriter and issuer's and underwriter's counsel.
  • Williams Act Filings -- A daily compilation of filings mandated under the Williams Act, including 13D, 13E, TO and 14D filings. Each list contains the name of the issuer, the filing party, the class of shares, the schedule filed and the number and percentage of shares covered.
  • Forms 8-K and 6-K -- A daily Listing of all Forms 8-K and 6-K filed with the SEC, including Company filing party, item numbers, and filing period.

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Table of Contents
  • Cover Story
  • Registrations
  • No-Action Letters
  • Forms 8-K
  • Williams Act Filings
  • SEC News Digest