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SEC No-Action Letter Weekly

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SEC No-Action Letter Weekly Online, the only weekly newsletter devoted exclusively to SEC no-action letters, offers a comprehensive overview of all letters released, providing a crucial looking glass into staff positions. The newsletter provides a current account of all letters released the previous week and contains abstracts of every letter and in-depth feature articles.

SEC No-Action Letter Weekly Online also provides links to the full text of every No-Action letter referenced. In addition, a robust full-text search allows you to quickly find what you are looking for, either publication-wide or within a specific section.

Your subscription to SEC No-Action Letter Weekly Online also gives you access to our archive of past issues. Every issue from January 1997 to the present is available and searchable. No more digging through binders of back issues—the information you need is at your fingertips.

SEC No-Action Letter Weekly Online provides you with all of the information found in our print product SEC No-Action Letter Weekly , including:

  • Concise abstracts of every letter
  • Cites to applicable Acts, section and rules
  • Cover stories
  • Highlights of any no-action letters deemed significant by the SEC
  • An alphabetical index
  • Synopses of "noteworthy" letters
  • Cites to all no-action letters/SEC releases covered in the SEC's response
  • Treatment of all SEC positions reconsidered or modified

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Table of Contents
  • Feature Story
  • Reconsiderations/Modifications
  • Letters Deemed Significant
  • Alphabetical Index
  • Abstracts