Store International Satellite Communications in the Early 21st Century, Changes for a New Era

Satellite Communications in the Early 21st Century, Changes for a New Era

By Patrick-André Salin


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This volume is about the sweeping technical and regulatory changes which have moulded the new regulatory framework of space communications. WARC-92 introduced the LEO systems, WRC-5 confirmed the access of large international corporations to negotiating tables with member state representatives, and WRC-97 saw the first exchanges of rounds between North America and Western Europe in the global quest for new business markets.

The legal and institutional process, which charts such unprecedented technical revolution, is still primarily in the domain of international law experts. However, several other legal specialities also tackle space-based communications: trade, air navigation, culture, education, etc., in intimate contact with legitimate profit-making concerns and strategic interest considerations.

This volume is organized around the traditional distinction between international satellite regulations (Part One) and regional satellite regulations; this second level deals with North American and Western European regulations (Parts Two and Three).

The outcome of this research is, first, to present the evolution of the regulatory framework of space-based communications, second, to underline the mounting importance of administrative regulations which tend to be granted a de facto status of standard laws and, third, to draw the attention of the public to the win-lose type of trans-Atlantic competition that is taking place on the global stage, that should change into a win-win scenario in the end.

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Table of Contents
  1. The Space-Based Communications Convergence: Regulations of Different Origins Are Shaping the Satellite Communications of the Future
    I. Satellite Communication Regulations belong to a Diversified International Legal System
    II. Satellite Communications are the Object of Incomplete International Regulations Inherited from the Past
    III. Satellite Communications are Now Considered as an Instrument of Global Trade
    IV. The Harmonizing Impact of Air Navigation Systems
    V. International Satellite Operators and their Regulatory Regime
    Conclusion to Part I
    Bibliography for Part I
  2. North American Satellite Communication Regulations: The Making of a (Planetary) Lex Americana Juris Spatialis
    VI. U.S. Satellite Communication Regulations
    VII. A North American Perspective on Regulations Impacting on Global Satellite Communications
    Conclusion to Part II
    Bibliography for Part II
  3. Western Europe Regulations on Satellite Communications: The Alternate Rule-Making Process for Space-Based Communications
    VIII. The Regulation of Satellite Communications in the European Union: The Uneasy Weight of Central Regulation
    IX. National Satellite Communication Regulations in the European Union: The Presence of Subsidiary Regulations
    Conclusion to Part III. Bibliography for Part III
  4. In Conclusion, A Sketch of Requirements for the Future Regulations of Satellite Communications in the Glass House
    I. An Audit of satellite communications regulations
    II. Endeavouring several suggestions