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Rules of Engagement: Trademark Strategies, Protection and Enforcement in China by BECONCINI

Rules of Engagement: Trademark Strategies, Protection and Enforcement in China

By Paolo Beconcini


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Rules of Engagement: Trademark Strategies, Protection and Enforcement in China provides an in-depth strategic view of trademark challenges in China thereby serving as guidance for foreign brand owners seeking strategies to engage with the Chinese legal and business landscape. China now leads the world in a number of registered trademarks. In recent years, however, higher volumes of enforcement have not brought about the end of trademark theft and counterfeiting. Consequently, most Westerners doing business in China (or preparing to do so) have negative views of the country’s system of IPR. This powerful book, by the world’s most experienced authority on how law and business interact in China’s trademark context, provides deeply informed and positive guidance for foreign brand owners seeking strategies that realistically engage with the Chinese legal and business landscape, thus showing how to reduce risk and benefit from the actually existing system.

What’s in this Book:

The author sets forth “rules of engagement” – strategic rules of conduct that provide guidance as to how to learn, understand, and approach trademark challenges in China in an objective manner. Issues and topics covered include the following:

  • acquisition of trademark rights in China;
  • infringement of trademark rights and claim basis;
  • preparatory investigation and case build-up;
  • available enforcement tools and procedures;
  • remedial strategies responding to trademark theft;
  • evidentiary burdens in proving infringement;
  • geographic location and specific characteristics of counterfeiting hubs;
  • privileged relations between investigative companies and enforcing authorities; and
  • increasing presence of online professional trademark thieves.

Detailed discussion of a number of cases (in fields including automotive, clothing, wine, pharmaceuticals, electronic devices, and sports apparel) isolates certain common patterns and proves that, aside from certain malfunctions of the trademark system, a substantial amount of responsibility for failure can be laid with the brands and not with China’s enforcement authorities.

How this will help you:

With its comprehensive strategic approaches in dealing with trademark protection and enforcement in China, and its challenges to common legal thinking in the field, this book proposes and delivers new creative strategic solutions to unresolved problems related to trademarks in China. Interested lawyers and business persons gain insight into the revelations about how anti-counterfeiting really works in China to help China bring about a change in the way state bodies enforce trademark rights. With the use of this book, lawyers, who counsel and advise clients on their China trademark portfolios and trademark protection strategies, will bring great advantage to the brands they serve.

Pages 256
Publish Date 10/26/2016
Publish Frequency As Needed
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789041182548
SKU 10058506-0001
Table of Contents

About the Author


List of Abbreviations

Chapter 1 An Introduction to Trademark Protection and Enforcement in China

Chapter 2 Know the Rules and Play the Game

Chapter 3 Trademark Protection: Hostile Trademarks and Trademark Theft

Chapter 4 Against All Odds: Brand Protection in China

Chapter 5 Learned Lessons and Take-Aways

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See what our clients are saying:

“From trademark procurement to enforcement, Dr. Beconcini’s newest book is the definitive playbook for those looking to engage the Chinese trademark system.  Dr. Beconcini lays out a highly strategic, yet very practical, approach to deal not only with the intricacies of Chinese trademark law, but also Chinese culture.  The book is chock-full with real world examples based upon his significant first-hand experiences.  The prose is straightforward and the advice refreshingly tangible.  For those looking to enter this realm, it is a must-have for legal practitioners and business persons.”

Christopher V. Carani, Partner, McAndrews, Held & Malloy, Ltd., Chicago