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RICO Business Disputes Guide

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The federal RICO law was enacted as part of the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970 and has been used extensively in criminal prosecution of organized crime. At the time of its adoption, the law also authorized private civil suits seeking treble damages and attorneys' fees for unlawful acts of so-called "legitimate" businesses. These civil RICO suits have arisen in a wide variety of corporate and commercial situations. Banks, franchisors, marketing firms, technology providers, their suppliers and their clients have all been impacted by this new form of litigation. These state and federal civil claims are often brought in concert with fraud, antitrust, deceptive trade practices and franchise law claims, making this area of law particularly complex. As this scenario emerged, and Supreme Court decisions supported the use of RICO in business disputes, CCH introduced the RICO Business Disputes Guide. The Guide gives a comprehensive view of civil "racketeering" litigation arising from business dealings. Subscribe today to:

  • Understand the evolution of RICO litigation as a civil litigation tool
  • Study thousands of court decisions that have helped form federal and state RICO law
  • Tap into the full text of federal and state racketeering laws
  • Stay up to date on important state, federal and Supreme Court cases in progress
  • Use the handy CCH finding aids to speed research and save time and money
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    Table of Contents
    • How to Use This Guide
    • Topical Index
    • Case Table
    • Finding Lists
    • Explanation Federal RICO - Business Activity
    • Explanation Federal RICO - Practice Remedies
    • Explanation State RICO - Activity Practice
    • Federal Law - Text
    • State Laws - Text
    • Supreme Court Docket
    • Pending Legislation List
    • Cumulative Index
    • Current Topical Index
    • New Developments
    • Current Comment