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Remedies Under Security Interests

Remedies Under Security Interests

By Ian M. Fletcher, Odd Swarting


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The vast expansion of international trade has greatly increased the incidence of cross-border ownership of assets, both tangible and intangible. It is not uncommon, for instance, for a business to own both physical plant and intellectual property in two or more jurisdictions. Under these circumstances, it is vital for business persons and their counsel to have some knowledge of a variety of relevant domestic legal regimes, particularly in regard to available remedies.

This highly serviceable book provides the essential details of such knowledge for fourteen important commercial jurisdictions: Argentina, Belgium, Bermuda, Canada, Germany, India, Japan, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, England and Wales (United Kingdom), and the United States of America. Each country survey is presented by an experienced business law practitioner in his or her particular jurisdiction.

Each chapter's coverage includes discussion of remedies under such security interests as the following:

  • real estate
  • fixtures
  • movables
  • patents
  • trademarks
  • industrial models and designs

    Each author also explains important procedural aspects of many typical phases of ownership, including registration, transfer, sale of an ongoing concern or stock in trade, taxation, trusteeship, and injunction orders. Remedies under private international law are also considered.

    For the rapidly growing group of businesses and private parties with assets in more than one country, this is a very handy volume, highly useful and not overburdened with unnecessary detail. It more than adequately supplies a vital need.

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