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Relentless Criminal Cross-Examination - James Publishing by Kevin J. Mahoney

Relentless Criminal Cross-Examination - James Publishing

By Kevin J. Mahoney


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Learn how to persuasively open with the weaknesses you will expose in the government’s case, and demonstrate those weaknesses through your cross-examinations with Relentless Criminal Cross-Examination. Includes themes, angles of attack, pattern Q&A, and technique tips for cross-examining arresting officers, detectives, toxicologists, medical examiners, eyewitnesses, informants, and accomplices.

To many criminal defense attorneys, the trial represents the arena in which they fight every accusation and contest every issue — admit nothing and challenge everything.

Like a boxer who swings at every opening, this approach is exhausting for everyone in the courtroom and rarely succeeds. The jury becomes weary of the repetition, overwhelmed with minutia, and turned off to defense’s closing.

Making his punches count, author Kevin Mahoney instead uses a winning one-two combination that matches a compelling opening with targeted cross-examinations. He explains and heavily illustrates this courtroom-proven attack in Relentless Criminal Cross-Examination.

First, Mr. Mahoney teaches you how to believably outline in your opening the weaknesses you will expose in the government’s case. Second, he shows you how to demonstrate to the jury, through your cross-examinations, that the facts are more in accord with your opening than with the prosecutor’s.

The 2016 Edition provides proven strategies and pattern cross-examinations for tackling these common scenarios:

  • Cross-Examination of Arresting Officer: Challenging the officer’s reliance on confidential informants and lack of probable cause to arrest; Challenging the officer’s handling of the arrest of a foreign-born suspect
  • Cross-Examination of the Detective Who Obtained a Confession: Challenging the impact of defendant’s statement when defendant makes no admission
  • Cross-Examination of the Alleged Sexual Assault Victim: Challenging the victim for her failure to obtain, or unreasonable delay in seeking, a restraining order.
  • The pattern cross-examinations are annotated with more than 20 new Practice Points and Technique Tips, gleaned from the author’s years of trial experience.

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Publish Date 08/27/2018
Publish Frequency Annually
Product Line Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S.
ISBN 9780938065753
SKU 10070123-0001
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Governing Principles and Strategies
Chapter 2 Cross-Examination: Theory of Case, Opening Statement, Closing Argument
Chapter 3 Cross-Examination of Arresting Officer: Motions to Suppress
Chapter 4 Cross-Examination of Detective Who Obtained Confession
Chapter 5 Cross-Examination of Informants and Accomplices
Chapter 6 Cross-Examination of Eyewitnesses
Chapter 7 Cross-Examining Expert Witnesses
Chapter 8 Cross-Examination in Sexual Assault Cases
Chapter 9 Cross-Examination in DWI Cases
Chapters 10 Cross-Examination at Hearings on Requests for Restraining Orders