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By Christopher Kenny, Mark D. Polston
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Reimbursement Advisor provides practical up-to-date information, in-depth analyses of key developments in prospective payments, case studies, recommended courses of action, legislative updates, practical management strategies, legal advice, and sound financial planning tips. 

Each monthly issue of this 12-page newsletter brings you concise, informative articles that zero in on what you need to know about health care reimbursement. Articles cover issues such as:

  • New reimbursement opportunities - Guidance and advice to identify strategies to maximize potential reimbursement
  • Recent court rulings, laws, regulations and policies - Interpretation and insight into the implications of state and federal court rulings, new regulations, laws, corporate compliance issues and other policies that affect health care reimbursement
  • OIG policy interpretations - Learn which reimbursement practices are under OIG scrutiny to avert criminal and/or civil penalties
  • Case studies, tips and practical guidance - Benefit from up-to-date guidance and advice that can be put to use immediately to boost revenue and eliminate problems within the complex health care reimbursement arena


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