Store International Regulating Gas Supply to Power Markets: Transnational Approaches to Competitiveness and Security of Supply
Regulating Gas Supply to Power Markets: Transnational Approaches to Competitiveness and Security of Supply by OYEWUNMI

Regulating Gas Supply to Power Markets: Transnational Approaches to Competitiveness and Security of Supply

By Tade Oyewunmi


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About this book:

Regulating Gas Supply to Power Markets examines the regulatory and institutional paradigms which evolved in the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK) in the 1980s–1990s with the aim of enhancing competitiveness and security of gas supply for energy purposes. Natural gas, a vital primary source of energy for the twenty-first-century economy, is poised to play a major role in the medium- to long-term outlook of energy systems worldwide. Its supply to power markets for electricity generation and other energy purposes through the stages of exploration, production, gathering, processing, transmission, and distribution have been a key driver in gas commercialisation over the past two to three decades. This book discusses insights from law and economics pertaining to gas and energy supply contracts, regulation, and institutions. It provides an in-depth ‘law-in-context’ analysis of the approaches to developing competitive and secure gas-to-power markets in an increasingly international, interrelated, and interconnected value chain.

What’s in this book:

Recognising a general move towards structural reforms and economic regulation of gas and energy markets globally, the author incisively addresses the following questions:

  • Is there a single ‘ideal’ model or approach for ensuring effectiveness in the restructuring and regulation of gas supply to power markets? If not, then what constitutes the matrix of models and approaches?
  • What are the underlying principles, assumptions, and institutional structures that will enhance the modern approaches to developing competitive, secure, and sustainable gas supply to power markets?
  • What are the factors that determine or affect the effectiveness and efficiency of such approaches and regulatory frameworks?

The book critically explores the instrumental role of regulation and organisational institutions in the restructuring and development of gas supply markets. It examines the evolution of economic approaches to regulation, competitiveness, and security of gas supply in the US and the UK. In addition, this book considers the EU as a supranational union of developed economies and Nigeria as a developing economy, in the process of applying these paradigms of economic regulation and restructuring of gas-to-power markets.

How this will help you:

In a law and policy environment where training and educational centres, lawyers, and public and corporate energy advisors are becoming more concerned about competitiveness and efficiency in gas resource allocation and pricing – and about high-quality governance frameworks for industries that depend on reliable gas supplies – this vital book will be warmly welcomed by lawyers, policymakers, energy consultants, analysts, regulators, corporate investors, academics, and institutions concerned with and engaged in the business of exploration, production, and supply of gas for energy purposes.

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About the Author


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Gas Supply to Power Markets: Legal, Regulatory and Institutional Considerations

Principles and Rationales for Competitive and Secure Gas Markets

Gas Market Restructuring and Development in the US and UK

Competitiveness and Security of Supply in the Nigerian Gas-to-Power Industry

The EU’s Internal Energy Market and Gas Supply Regulation



EU and Nigerian Institutions

Excerpts from a Nigerian Gas Sales Agreement


Table of Cases