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Regulating a Revolution: Small Satellites and the Law of Outer Space by PALKOVITZ

Regulating a Revolution: Small Satellites and the Law of Outer Space

By Neta Palkovitz


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Aerospace Law and Policy Series Volume 17

About this book:
Regulating a Revolution sheds light on the current regulatory aspects and challenges of small satellite activities. In recent years, small satellites have taken the space industry by storm. Their short development times, low cost, significant miniaturisation, standardisation and commercial availability have truly revolutionised the space industry. They make space accessible to non-professionals and on an individual level. This book is the first to explore the status of small satellites vis-à-vis international space law, examining which provisions are applicable and what kind of legal issues the traditional definitions pose when considering novel small satellite activities.

What’s in this book:
The author sheds clear light on current regulatory challenges raised by the commercial and research activities of small satellites as well as by governmental and military applications. She covers the legal implications in such aspects of small satellite revolution as the following:

  • liability for damage caused or suffered by small satellites;
  • State responsibility for non-governmental space activities employing small satellites;
  • registration of space objects;
  • launch practices;
  • online availability of components and launch slots;
  • the connection between small satellites and space debris;
  • the role of space insurance; and
  • legal challenges posed by large constellations of small satellites.

In the course of the description and analysis, the author provides case studies showing how these challenges can be dealt with, offers deeply informed insights on emerging trends and future developments and indicates which jurisdictions may be most favourable to small satellite activities.

How this will help you:
The small satellite market is booming, and both States and the industry need guidance relating to the regulatory situation. Accordingly, this book will help stakeholders in the industry – universities, business entities and individuals, as well as non-commercial entities engaged in small satellite operations – in understanding the kind of regulatory challenges that exist and what should be done in order to solve these challenges in the future. 

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Table of Contents

The Small Satellite Revolution

Small Satellite Activities Within the Framework of International Space Law and Recent Regulatory Developments

State Responsibility for Non-governmental Space Activities Employing Small Satellites

Liability for Damage Caused or Suffered by Small Satellites

Registration of Small Satellites

Conclusions and Recommendations


Table of Cases

Table of Legislation

Table of Treaties, Conventions and International Agreements