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With increased scrutiny from lawmakers and SEC regulators to shareholders and financial analysts, law firms and their corporate clients now more than ever need to manage disclosure and risk amid a changing legal and regulatory environment.

RBsourceFilings is a comprehensive SEC research and workflow tool that brings together everything you need in one search to ensure better legal practice:

  • Laws & Regulations
  • SEC Guidance
  • SEC Filings
  • SEC No-Action Letters
  • SEC Staff Comment Letters

A New Way to Do SEC Filings Related Research

With integrated statutory authority, SEC guidance, no-action letters, comments, and public company disclosure information, RBsourceFilings gives securities practitioners a complete view of the regulatory and disclosure landscape, streamlining filings research and preparation, and ensuring greater value and efficiency for their firm and their clients.

A Complete Regulatory and SEC Precedent Research Solution for a Multi-Step Process.

RBsourceFilings aligns with the practitioner workflow and consolidates disparate components of securities law and filings research into an intuitive, streamlined process. Through intelligent content integration and contextual links created by expert attorney-editors using securities taxonomy, searches yield both SEC filings and the legal and regulatory materials vital to understanding those filings. By relying on global search and powerful filtering tools, practitioners can quickly find the targeted results they need.

A Leader in Serving Securities Practitioners.

With our established editorial expertise in securities regulatory content since 1933, Wolters Kluwer has been a trusted leader for corporations, law firms, financial services firms, government regulators and policy-makers -- from the renowned Redbook/Red Box to RBsource to now with the enhanced RBsourceFilings.


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