Store International Private Dispute Resolution in International Business. Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration - Third Edition
Private Dispute Resolution in International Business. Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration -  Third Edition by Klaus Peter Berger

Private Dispute Resolution in International Business. Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration - Third Edition



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For a short introduction, including an explanation of how the various elements work and tie in together, please check out the project website at

The third, fully revised edition of this practical work now comprises two books and an interactive USB card.

This new multimedia project will help you analyse the various ways of resolving an international business dispute: through negotiation, business mediation and international commercial arbitration.

The updated and revised Handbook takes account of recent developments in the law and practice of ADR in international business. This is complemented by the user-friendly digital content.

The print components (Case Study and Handbook) convert each theory into clear practical guidance, while the interactive USB card includes more than four hours of training videos.

The work takes account of new case law and academic writings, as well as specific subjects including the pros and cons of best practices, the use of ‘guerrilla tactics’, and the role of secretaries in international arbitration.

How will Private Dispute Resolution in International Business help you? ;

  • The Case Study (Volume I) follows the progress of an international business dispute between two companies, in step-by-step detail, through negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. It provides you with a realistic and highly practical approach to learning and teaching the law and practice of private dispute resolution in international business.
  • The Handbook (Volume II) is a comprehensive, comparative study of the law of international dispute resolution, providing informed solutions to the problems raised in the Case Study. It includes new rules and best practice texts, all of which are reproduced on the USB card – which can be used simultaneously with the books or separately.
  • The USB card contains all contracts and other written documentation produced during the dispute – including all procedural orders and awards rendered by the arbitral tribunal during the arbitration, text of legal materials such as arbitration laws and rules and international conventions, and further learning and teaching aids. It includes almost 100 videos dramatising the negotiation, mediation, and arbitration proceedings described in the books.

Subtitles in the videos refer you to paragraphs in the Handbook, where each relevant legal problem is analysed; and an internet home page provides you with regular updates.

Interactive training tools on the USB card include effective case management, written submissions, opening statements, cross-examination, the ‘coaching’ of witnesses, and the drafting of escalation clauses in international arbitration.

This highly practical training tool will be essential reading for students and teachers of dispute resolution, corporate counsel, international lawyers, and anyone interested in this area.

Click here to watch the webinar, in this video the author shares his insights on this important book.

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Preface to the Third Edition

Preface to the First Edition


User’s Guide

Part One International Business Negotiations

Part Two International Business Mediation

Part Three International Commercial Arbitration

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