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Principles of European Contract Law - Part III

Principles of European Contract Law - Part III

Edited by Ole Lando, André Prüm, Eric Clive, Reinhard Zimmerman


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This is the third and last part of the Principles of European Contract Law prepared by the Commission of European Contract Law under the chairmanship of Professor Ole Lando.

Parts I and II were published in 2000 and have attracted great interest and acclaim and a growing volume of secondary literature. The present volume follows the same pattern, a set of proposed Articles drawn up by the Commission, followed by comments and national notes containing a wealth of comparative law. The subjects dealt with in Part III are: plurality of debtors and creditors, assignment, substitution of new debtor and transfer of contract, set-off, prescription, illegality, conditions and capitalization of interest.

No self-respecting contract lawyer in Europe can afford to ignore the Lando Principles. They are not only a useful and convenient source of information about current laws in the countries of the European Union but also a possible blueprint for the contract part of a future European civil code. They are a touchstone against which any discussion of contract law can be tested.

The book will be particularly useful to those engaged in arbitrations with and international element, to those concerned with comparative law, and to those interested in the development of legal policy on contract law at national, European or international level.

Publish Date 03/01/2003
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789041119612
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Table of Contents
    Preface To Part III
    Members Of The Commission On European Contract Law For Part III
    Introduction To Part III
    Survey Of Chapters In Part III
    List Of Abbreviations
    Text Of Articles 10:101 To 17:101 In English And French

    Chapter 10 : Plurality Of Parties
    Section 1: Plurality Of Debtors
    Section 2: Plurality Of Creditors

    Chapter 11 : Assignment Of Claims
    Section 1: General Principles
    Section 2: Effects Of Assignment As Between Assignor And Assignee
    Section 3: Effects Of Assignment As Between Assignee And Debtor
    Section 4: Order Of Priority Between Assignee And Competing Claimants

    Chapter 12 : Substitution Of New Debtor: Transfer Of Contract Section 1: Substitution Of New Debtor
    Section 2: Transfer Of Contract

    Chapter 13 : Set-Off

    Chapter 14 : Prescription.
    Section 1: General Provision
    Section 2: Periods Of Prescription And Their Commencement
    Section 3: Extension Of Periods
    Section 4: Renewal Of Periods
    Section 5: Effects Of Prescription
    Section 6: Modification By Agreement

    Chapter 15: Illegality

    Chapter 16: Conditions

    Chapter 17: Capitalisation Of Interest
    Bibliography Of Works Referred To In Part III
    Table Of Cases Referred To In Part III
    Table Of Code Provisions And Legislation Referred To In Part III
    Index To Part III