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Practice Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, Fifth Edition Practice Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, Fifth Edition

Practice Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, Fifth Edition

By David J. Gottlieb, Phylis Skloot Bamberger
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Practice Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, Fifth Edition provides extensive discussion and current citations of the hundreds of important cases interpreting the provisions. The first six chapters follow the sequence of the sentencing guidelines, progressing from the setting of the offense level adjustment and departures to the determination of the sentence. Chapters 7 and 8 cover plea and sentencing procedure and appeals. Chapter 9, discusses post-conviction procedures. The remaining seven chapters address the constitutionality of the guidelines, statutory challenges, environmental crimes, antitrust crimes, tax and money laundering offenses, fraud offenses, and sentencing of organizations, and the past, present and future of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

Accompanying the 2 volume set is a CD-Rom containing Archival Appendices. The disk is broken down into three parts:

  • History of the Guidelines
  • Justice Department's View
  • Sentencing Commission Procedures

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Table of Contents



  1. General Offense Level: Offense Level and Specific Offense Characteristics
  2. Adjustments Under the Guidelines
  3. Criminal History
  4. Career Offenders and Criminal Livelihood
  5. Departures
  6. Determining the Sentence
  7. Plea and Sentencing Procedure
  8. Appeals in Guideline and Sentencing
  9. Post-Conviction Challenges to Guideline Sentences and Other Possible Methods for Reducing Federal Sentences
  10. The Constitutionality of the Sentencing Guidelines
  11. Statutory Challenges to the Guidelines
  12. Environmental Crimes Under the Sentencing Guidelines
  13. Antitrust and the Sentencing Guidelines
  14. Tax and Money Laundering Offences under the Sentencing Guidelines
  15. Fraud Offenses Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines
  16. Sentencing of Organizations
  17. The Past, Present and Future of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Table of Cases/Index


United States Commission Guidelines Manual

  • Appendix A: Statutory Index
  • Appendix B: Selected Sentencing Statutes
  • Index to Guidelines Manual
  • Appendix C:
  • Amendments Effective Before November 1, 1997
  • Amendments Effective After November 1, 1997