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Written by three of the nation’s most prominent figures in the field, E. Gabriel Perle, John Taylor Williams and Mark A. Fisher, Perle & Williams on Publishing Law is the place to turn first for expert analysis and authoritative guidance on publishing law issues. Now in its completely updated Third Edition, Perle & Williams on Publishing Law gathers in one highly accessible source:

  • On-target answers to basic and complex questions about publishing law and copyright practices and procedures
  • Incisive analysis of case law developments affecting each sector of the publishing industry — books, magazines, newspapers, audio, visual, and multimedia forms of publishing
  • Practice tools, checklists, and proven techniques you can use to resolve publishing law issues knowledgeably and efficiently.
The Third Edition brings timely analysis of the latest court decisions affecting publishers, distributors and creators of published works, with in-depth coverage of emerging liability issues relating to copyright and trademark infringement in electronically published works. This valuable handbook offers much needed clarity and practical guidance on the rapidly evolving intellectual property issues that impact publishers and creators of published works. These include:
  • The rights secured by copyright, the Fair Use Limitation, duration of copyright works, renewal, ownership, and transfer of ownership
  • The termination of transfers of licenses
  • Form of copyright notice
  • Copyright infringement and remedies
  • Preemption of state law
  • International aspects of copyright law

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Table of Contents




Volume 1

Part A: Publishing Practices and Procedures

1. Preventing and Resolving Legal Problems: An Overview of Print Publishing

2. Publishing Contracts

3. Selected Topics in Periodical Publishing and Advertising

4. Electronic Publishing and Software

5. Defamation and Related Issues

6. Right of Privacy

7. Right of Publicity

8. Other Torts Related to Publication

9. Access of the Press: The Reporter's Privilege to Gather the News

10. Publishers and the Antitrust Laws

Part B: Copyright Practices and Procedures

11. Introduction to Copyright

12. Subject Matter and Scope of Copyright

13. Rights Secured by Copyright and Fair Use

14. Duration of Copyright

15. Ownership of Copyright

16. Transfer of Ownership and Licenses

17. Termination of Transfers and Licenses

18. Publication and Notice

19. Copyright Registration and Deposit

20. Infringement of Copyright and Remedies

21. Preemption of State Law

22. International Aspects of Copyright

23. The Copyright Office

Volume 2

24. Trademark Law

25. Droit Moral of the Moral Right of Creators Appendices Table of Cases Index