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Pension Plan Guide by Wolters Kluwer Editorial Staff Pension Plan Guide by Wolters Kluwer Editorial Staff

Pension Plan Guide

By Wolters Kluwer Editorial Staff
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Access the resource with everything you need to set up, revise, terminate and manage a pension plan, day to day. Pension Plan Guide is your complete, core guide to creating and managing a pension plan, from beginning to end.

The Pension Plan Guide covers the rules affecting retirement benefit plans, delivering expert analysis and explanation of the law, as well as key cases, rulings and legislative developments. The Guide provides the full text of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), plus ERISA regulations and Committee Reports. Rulings and releases from the IRS, PBGC, DOL, SEC and other federal agencies are also included.

Also included are:

  • Benefit-related court decisions from the U.S. Supreme, Appellate and Federal District Courts, the U.S. Tax Court and state courts
  • The Internal Revenue Code and IRS regulations with selected Committee Reports
  • Pension-related IRS and DOL regulatory preambles dating back to 1975
  • IRS letter rulings and DOL and PBGC Opinion letters
  • Class prohibited transaction exemptions
  • Pending and final pension legislation
  • The IRS Employee Plans Examination Guidelines Handbook
  • EBSA Enforcement Manual
  • IRS actuarial guidelines
  • And much more!

Along with the Guide, you will also receive the weekly Pension Plan Guide Newsletter. It is the ideal resource for keeping current with pension benefit developments.

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Table of Contents
  • Topical Index
  • Case Tables
  • Finding Lists
  • Calendars—Tables—Interest Rates
  • Establishing Plans—Choosing a Plan/Plan Types
  • Establishing Plans—Plan Installation/Advance Determinations
  • Plan Qualifications—General Rules
  • Plan Qualifications—Nondiscrimination/Participation/Coverage
  • Plan Qualification—Vesting
  • Plan Operation—Funding/Actuarial Determinations
  • Plan Operation—Contributions/Deductions
  • Plan Operation—Reporting/Disclosure
  • Plan Operation—Fiduciary Requirements/PTEs
  • Enforcement—Penalties/Excise Taxes
  • Enforcement—Private Actions/DOL Actions
  • Enforcement—IRS/Audit Guidelines
  • Terminations—Single-Employer Plans
  • Termination—Multiemployer Plans/Withdrawal Liability
  • 401(k) Plans—CODAs
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)
  • Code Sec. 457 Plans—Church Plans
  • Tax Sheltered Annuities (403(b) Plans)
  • Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs)
  • Simplified Employee Pension (SEPs)—Keogh Plans
  • Cafeteria Plans—Welfare Plans—Fringe Benefits
  • Executive Compensation—Nonqualified Plans/Stock Arrangements
  • Employment Taxes—Other Tax Problems
  • ERISA and Regulations
  • Internal Revenue Code and Regulations
  • Preambles to Final Regulations
  • IRS Publications
  • IRS Releases: Revenue Procedures, Revenue Rulings, Announcements, etc.
  • Letter Rulings
  • DOL Releases: Opinion Letters, VFC, Technical Updates, etc.
  • New Developments
  • Current Comments