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NYU Selected Essays on Labor and Employment Law

By Michael J. Yelnosky


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This volume, the second in the series, contains some of the most recent and important work of the leading scholars in labor and employment law. It includes the papers presented at workshops sponsored by the Center for Labor and Employment Law at NYU School of Law in 2000 and a recent paper by one of the Center's Research Fellows. Two of the papers consider the implications of a new conception of the workplace. Professor Katherine Stone considers the implications of the decline of long-term employment, and Professor Cynthia Estlund considers the role of the workplace in establishing relationships necessary to a healthy democracy in a diverse society.

Professor Lynn Stout considers a provocative implication of a deeper understanding of the corporate form and the stock market that a rise in share price does not signal an equivalent increase in the value of the firm. Professor Steven Abraham and his co-author also look at stock price, but they do so to assess the impact of the United States Supreme Court's decision in Gilmer. Recent Supreme Court decisions in Faragher and Ellerth are the subject of the contribution of Professor David Sherwyn, one of the Center's Research Fellows and a co-editor of this volume.

Professor Mitu Gulati and his co-authors offer an empirical study of the labor market for lawyers that has profound implications for both legal education and for the way law firms select associates. Also included here are excerpts from Professor William Gould's memoir of his years as Chair of the National Labor Relations Board.

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