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As the official publisher for a dozen exchanges, CCH stands as the authority on issues relating to the complex world of stock exchanges. The American Stock Exchange Guide continues that long tradition with this comprehensive guide. Subscribe today to:
  • Receive a full-text version of the Constitution of the American Stock Exchange and the Rules and policies of the Board of Governors
  • Access the names of all corporations whose stock issues have been admitted to trading on the Exchange
  • Save time with a list of names, addresses and other information relating to members and member organizations of the Exchange, as well as information on Officers, Governors and personnel of the Exchange and its subsidiary companies
  • Research other information including the present rates of stock exchange transfer taxes, stocks subject to certificate fees and lists of U.S. obligations
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Table of Contents
  • Officers, Governors and Personnel
  • Members—Regular, Options, Principal and Associate
  • Member Organizations General and Floor Rules
  • List of Securities—Commission Rates
  • Telephone Inquiries
  • Company Guide

  • Original Listing Requirements
  • Original Listing Procedures
  • Additional Listings—Requirements and Procedures
  • Disclosure Policies
  • Dividends and Stock Splits
  • Accounting; Annual and Quarterly Reports
  • Shareholders' Meetings, Approval and Voting of Proxies
  • Transfer Facilities; Certificate Requirements
  • Treasury Shares; Additional Matters
  • Suspension and Delisting
  • Guide to Filing Requirements
  • Constitution and Rules

  • Constitution of the Exchange
  • Rules and Policies of the Board of Governors
  • General and Floor Rules
  • Office Rules
  • Rules of Procedure in Disciplinary Matters
  • Arbitration Rules
  • Rules for after-hours Trading Facility
  • Trading and Option Contracts
  • Trading of Stock Index and Currency Warrants
  • Trading of Certain Equity Derivatives
  • Contracts in Securities
  • Admission of Members and Member Organizations
  • Stock Clearing Corporation; By-Laws, Rules and Certificate of Incorporation
  • The Options Clearing Corporation; By-Laws and Rules
  • Custodian Banks
  • Listing and Delisting
  • Pertinent data concerning individual bond and stock issues
  • Names of all corporations, countries and government agencies whose stocks and bonds have been admitted to trading on the exchange