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By Wolters Kluwer Editorial Staff
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Deregulation of the electric utility industry and continuing energy shortages keep nuclear power a prominent source of U.S. energy today, making it important for everyone in the nuclear energy field to keep up to date on the laws and regulations surrounding it. With CCH Nuclear Regulation Reporter, you have all the information you need right at your fingertips. You'll find the laws, regulations, cases and administrative decisions to help you keep up with the difficult issues surrounding the handling of nuclear waste, the decommissioning of plants, as well as other regulatory information.

Nuclear Regulation Reports brings together information needed by various professionals in the nuclear energy field to keep them current and in compliance.

  • Utilities- Ensure that reactors are operating in compliance with NRC rules
  • Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers - Keep up to date on NRC requirements
  • Industrial and Engineering Firms - Stay abreast of industry trends, new methods of radioactive waste disposal and reactor design
  • Environmental Groups - Monitor the level of environmental protection mandated by federal statute
  • Attorneys - Find statutory and regulatory information and case law convenience.

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  • Get all the comprehensive information needed by reactor operators and those responsible for the storage of nuclear materials
  • Reference full-text reproductions of pertinent federal statutes
  • Research the history behind important licensing actions, alphabetically and conveniently arranged by company name
  • Save time by using the "Citator for Law and Regulations" to find references to specific sections of NRC regulations within NRC decisions
  • Keep your clients informed of the states that have an agreement with the NRC to assume licensing and regulatory authority over certain nuclear materials
  • Stay current with semi-monthly updates on the laws and regulations governing the use and development of nuclear energy
  • Locate material quickly and easily with all-in-one-place official text, cumulative indexes and NRC administrative decision docket history
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Table of Contents

Volume 1
Topical Index, Finding Lists, Case Table

  • Status of federal nuclear energy legislation before Congress
  • Information on NRC regulatory guides available from the
  • agency
  • Status of rulemaking petitions requested by licensees or the public

Organization and Functions

  • Relevant NRC policy statements and memoranda of understanding

Federal atomic energy law and supplementary statutes, including:

  • Atomic Energy Act of 1954 with historical comments on changes from prior law
  • Energy-related statutes such as the Energy Reorganization Act of 1974 and the Energy Policy Act of 1992

NRC Regulations

  • All regulations of the NRC
  • Standards for protection against radiation, licensing require-ments for nuclear byproduct material and standards for the medical use of byproduct material
  • Regulations proposed by the NRC

Volume 2
Additional NRC regulations and other related federal regulations from the Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, including:

  • Licensing and inspection fees charged by the Commission, and operating license renewal requirements
  • Requirements for the physical protection of nuclear plants and materials, reactor site criteria, and rules governing the import and export of nuclear materials and equipment
  • Radiation Protection Standards

Agreement States
Listing of the states that have an agreement with the NRC to assume regulatory and licensing authority over certain nuclear materials.

New Developments

  • Federal court decisions in full text
  • Headnotes explaining key issues in each case

NRC Decisions

  • NRC Docket History
  • Citator for Laws and Regulations cross-references the section numbers of laws and regulations appearing in the reports to specific NRC decisions
  • NRC Administrative Decisions (which are also headnoted)