Store International New Technologies and Law of Marine Environment

New Technologies and Law of Marine Environment

Edited by Jean-Pierre Beurier, Alexandre Kiss, Said Mahmoudi


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New technologies contribute to the increasingly intensive exploration and exploitation of marine biological and mineral resources. Safeguarding the ocean's resources for present and future generations is an essential condition for sustainable development and requires a holistic approach, as no one discipline in itself can provide a solution in an era of rapid legal, economic and technological development. This unique work, bringing together contributions by renowned scientific and legal experts, analyses these new technologies, their impact on the marine environment and the current and possible future responses of international environmental law and law of the sea.

New technologies, particularly those which are likely to provide an important part of the world's future food supply, have a significant impact on the environment, human health and natural resources. The first part of the book looks at technological advances in the areas of fishing, aquaculture, deep sea hydrothermal vents and mineral resources, and the significant challenges these present for national and international rule-makers. The second part of the work charts new trends in the protection of the marine environment, particularly in the establishment of marine protected areas. While recognising that most environmental problems require a global approach, it emphasises the importance of international regional co-operation. The final part concerns the application of new legal concepts to the conservation of marine resources, including sustainable development, the precautionary principle, the common heritage of mankind and the common concern of humanity.

This book is based on the revised and updated papers presented at the Conference on New Technologies and Law of the Marine Environment organised in Lisbon for World EXPO 1998 by the European Council of Environmental Law. It will be of great interest to lawyers researching or practising in environmental law and law of the sea, and to environmental scientists.

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Table of Contents
Series Editor's Preface, Foreword, Preface, List of Illustrations, List of Tables, Abbreviations, List of Contributors, Introduction PART ONE - NEW lECHNOLOGIES AND THE REsOURCES OF THE SEA Progres scientifique et gestion des peches Gerard Biais, New Technologies: Effects on the Developing Law of Fisheries Patricia Birnie, Aquaculture Development: Perspectives for the Next Decade Luis Narciso, Les biotechnologies aquacoles et Ie droit de l' environnement marin lean-Pierre Beurier, Deep-sea Hydrothermal Vents: 'Oases of the Abyss' Pedo Ré, Beyond the Deepest of Ironies: Genetic Resources, Marine Scientific Research and International Seabed Authority Lyle Glowka, Les consequences possibles de l' exploitation des nodules polymetalliques sur l'environnement marin lean-Pierre Lenoble, Les nodules polymetalliques et Ie droit Tullio Treves PART TWO - NEW TRENDS IN THE PROTECTION OF THE MARINE ENVIRONMENT Pollution of the Marine Environment: Recent Developments in the North Sea Region Benilde Mendes, L' evolution des conventions regionales protegeant l' environnement marin de l' Atlantique du nord-est et de la Mediterranee Jose Juste Ruiz, Les aires marines specialement protegees: nature, concept et perspectives d' avenir António Domingos Abreu, Marine Specially Protected Areas and Present International Law of the Sea Tullio Scovazzi PART THREE - NEW LEGAL CONCEPTS APPLICABLE TO THE OCEANS Sustainable Development Christopher G. Weeramantry, Precautionary Principle Rudiger Wolfrum, Common Heritage of Mankind, Common Concern of Humanity Said Mahmoudi, ANNEXES Reflections on an Ocean Congress Jose Filipe Santos de Oliveira, Report on Legal Problems Concerning Bioprospecting for Genetic Resources Located in Marine Hydrothermal Vents Beyond National Jurisdiction CEDE, Problemes juridiques relatifs a la prospection biologique des resources genetiques des sources hydrothermales situees au-dela des limites de la zone de juridiction nationale CEDE, English Index, Index français