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National Interest and International Aviation by STEINEN

National Interest and International Aviation

By Erwin von den Steinen


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Many of the problems and opportunities facing society today are determined by issues of mobility. Access to people, products, information and resources has emerged as a priority in the foreign policies of most states.

Inevitably, considerations of national interest have played a central role in the structure and operations of the international aviation system. Meanwhile, air transport has been a catalyst for the phenomenon of `globalization.

This first in-depth exploration of the vital relationship between aviation policy and national interest in todays global economy focuses on those areas of concern where the international community has common ground or where conflicts of interest are most likely to arise.

Revealing deeply informed perspectives gained from decades of distinguished public service in many areas of aviation policy, Erwin von den Steinen reviews the rules that govern the conduct of commercial air services between nations and considers the prospects of aviation in the 21st Century. He explains how timely understanding of national interest can provide a context for global and local policy to connect, and why the international aviation system is vital for the peaceful and sustainable development of modern states and societies.

With such insights and powerful, practical recommendations, von den Steinens analysis will be of enormous value to those concerned with air transport, from technical research and design to the highest levels of government, as well as to lawyers and academics in international law and relations.

A tour of the major issues in international aviation law and policy under the guidance of an authentic homme engage… Ultimately, this book is the work of someone who deeply appreciates the aviation industry both at its technical level, that of its often-frustrating machinations of law and policy, and also at the emotional level of a special business that exemplifies freedom and imagination like few others do.” Brian F. Havel

The Introduction has one of the best free flowing leads to a book detailing the politics of aviation and diplomacy I have come across…. I commend this book to lawyers, diplomats and students of aero-politics and law…. I would prescribe this book to my graduate students as compulsory reading for their course in Aero-political and legal Environment.” Dr Ruwantissa Abeyratne

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction I. Aviation and Globalization II. Modern Mobility and National Interests III. International Attractiveness as a Policy Goal IV. The Political Challenge V. Key Definitions National Interest VI. National Interests in Aviation the Control of Airlift issue access to Mobility Quality Controls on Mobility and Access Maintaining the National ‘Technical Team’ Chapter 2: National Relationships and International Regulation I. Economic Regulation and the Trade Policy Context II. Multilateral Agreements: The Chicago Convention III. The Bilateral Regulatory Tradition IV. The Emerging Plurilateral Alternative Chapter 3: National Interest from a Producer Perspective I. The Producer Interest ‘Cartel Model’ Bilateral Agreement II. Protectionism in National Legislation III. Industrial Policies and International Aviation IV. Infrastructure and Supporting Services V. Supply side Motivations Reviewed Chapter 4: National Interest from a Consumer Perspective I. General Elements of Consumer and user Interest II. US Policy Toward Consumer Interest and the role of the Public Sector III. A Micro-History of American Practice IV. US Deregulation in International Markets : Open skies phase 1 V. Open Skies phase 2 VI. Elements of the Contemporary U.S open sky Model VII. The FFA role in Quality control and protecting National Interest Chapter 5: National Interest from a Regional Perspective I. General Policy issues of Regional Association II. National and Community Interests in Europe III. The Scope of EU Aviation Policy and Implications for international Relations IV. International Negotiating Alternatives of the EU Chapter 6: National Interest and the North Atlantic Market I. The North Atlantic Context for Regulatory Convergence II. Market Structure and Competition Regulation III. National Infrastructure and International Market access IV. Conclusions: Convergence of National Interests on the North Atlantic? Chapter 7: Global Threats to Aviation and National Interest I. Polities and procedures : Recent History II. Public Sector Quality Controls , Is That the Question? Defining the Elements of Quality Control: Six possible Parameters III. Relating Facilitation to Security IV. Considering US-EU Pre-Clearance V. A small Consular footnote Chapter 8: The way forward I. Five Recommendations II. An afterword on National Interest