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CCH has taken five of the most popular books from the George Washington University Law School's Government Contracts Program lineup and converted the text into an interactive reference. Nationally acclaimed experts and GWU Professors Emeritus Ralph C. Nash, Jr. and John Cibinic, Jr. wrote the four anchor texts. Two complimentary texts provide referencing support. The resulting product, Nash and Cibinic eSeries, is one of the most powerful, efficient methods for researching this highly specialized area of law.

Administration of Government Contracts — This revised fourth edition explains the processes and procedures government personnel and contractors must follow in all aspects of the government contracting process, from inception to completion. The text is supported by extensive citations to laws, regulations, court decisions law, administrative decisions and other sources. Chapter topics include:

  • Contract administration and personnel
  • Contract interpretation
  • Risk allocation
  • Changes
  • Differing site conditions
  • Delays
  • Government property
  • Pricing of adjustments
  • Inspection, acceptance and warranties
  • Default termination, damages and liquidated damages
  • Termination for convenience
  • Discharge
  • Disputes

Formation of Government Contracts — Explains in great detail the processes leading up to the award of government contracts. Coverage includes the different types of contracts, the requirements for publication, evaluation and award, as well as how disputes related to the process are handled. The text is supported by extensive citations to laws, regulations, court decisions law, administrative decisions and other sources. Chapter topics include:

  • Basic principles of federal procurement
  • Contract formation principles
  • Acquisition planning
  • Contractor qualification
  • Sealed bidding
  • Basic negotiation procedures
  • Sealed negotiation procedures
  • Types of contracts
  • Contract pricing
  • Collateral policies
  • Contract award controversies

Cost-Reimbursement Contracting — In 1981, Professors Nash & Cibinic decided to create a separate text to expand on the unique aspect of the cost-reimbursement contracting process. This third edition has greatly expanded the text to cover all aspects of this form of contracting in greater detail, particularly with respect to the rewrite of Part 15 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation and subsequent statutes and regulations. Chapter topics include:

  • Purpose and nature of cost-reimbursement contracting
  • Types of cost-reimbursement contracts
  • Planning the cost-reimbursement acquisition
  • Soliciting and submitting proposals
  • Evaluating proposals
  • Conducting the negotiations and award
  • Negotiation of cost and fee
  • Cost and accounting rules
  • General standards of liability
  • Special cost items
  • Contract administration
  • Audit and payment
  • Contract disputes

Competitive Negotiation: The Source Selection Process — Government procurement has evolved into a system that encouragesnegotiations after the receipt of proposals. Competitive Negotiation examines conventional and alternative systems for competitive negotiations in light of current statutes, regulations and case law. It also covers the steps and laws behind the negotiation process form the inception of the requirement for goods or services to the award of the contract and the debriefing of the losing offerors. Chapter topics include:

  • Acquisition planning
  • Development of the source selection process
  • Soliciting proposals
  • Contractor proposal development
  • Co
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