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Mueller on Patent Law: Patentability and Validity is an authoritative work  available in electronic form  as a standalone subscription or as part of Intellectual Property Cheetah. The  work provides convenient, concise, and timely one-source access to all you need to know to maneuver the shifting waters of patentability, validity and enforcement.

Mueller on Patent Law: Patentability and Validity offers second to none treatment of the current law on patent-eligible subject matter, nonobviousness, utility, drafting claims and supporting disclosures, the claim definiteness requirement, enablement, best mode, double patenting, novelty, and priority, both pre- and post-passage of the America Invents Act (AIA).

V Mueller on Patent Law: Patentability and Validity satisfies the need for a concise, accessible and practical treatment of U.S. patent law with regards to patentability and validity. It  targets the nuts and bolts of patent prosecution with an emphasis on the criticality of patent claim drafting and interpretation.

This indispensable resource also:

  • Explains complex patent cases and concepts in a clear-cut, accessible way and identifies what is truly important about each issue.
  • Accelerates legal research by providing what you “need to know” about patent procurement and enforcement without sacrificing the depth and complexity of the subject matter.
  • Offers a practical guide to understanding how and why patent law has developed in the Federal Circuit era, and how the Supreme Court’s active oversight is changing the law.
  • Analyzes patent law in light of the significant changes that have and will occur as implemented by the AIA.
  • Highlights the central importance of careful patent claim drafting and interpretation in all aspects of patent practice.

Highlights  include:

  • Expert, practical analysis
  • Treatment that streamlines legal research and provides quick answers
  • Timely analysis in the new America Invents Act era of U.S. patent law
  • Accessible coverage of this complex area of law through illustrative examples
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