Store International Modern Techniques for Financial Transactions & Their Effects on Currency

Modern Techniques for Financial Transactions & Their Effects on Currency

By Michael Stathopoulos


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The trend towards internationalization, especially in the trade and finance sectors, brings with it an urgent need to know about financial transactions and how they affect currencies. Rapid technological developments are having profound effects on financial transactions and, in turn, on the law and the commercial transactions sustained by that law.

The great strides being made in the creation of a single currency for use within the European Community have engendered major controversies over acceptable forms of financial transactions (e.g. the case of privacy in modern payment systems in the Netherlands).

This work presents in a single volume the national reports and the general report of the panel on financial transactions which convened at the Athens Conference on Comparative Law, 1994. It reviews the interrelationship between modern techniques for financial transactions and currencies, and the general report ties them all together, as well as distinguishing some common themes in dealing with modern financial transactions.

Publish Date 10/01/1995
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