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Model Interrogatories - James Publishing by Kevin R. Culhane ,Kevin R. Culhane

Model Interrogatories - James Publishing

By Kevin R. Culhane


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Model Interrogatories is a comprehensive set of pre-drafted questions covering a variety of substantive areas that will help you quickly zero in on the most critical issues in every case.

Construct precise, probing, and winning questions with these 4,500 pattern interrogatories. Covers over 25 topics, including motor vehicle, premises liability, product liability, wrongful death, wrongful termination, broker liability, sexual harassment, fraud, and more. Includes explanatory text, law, and practice tips.

Model Interrogatories gives you over 4,500 practice-tested models that have been used and revised several times and can be easily adapted to suit your needs.  Efficiently tailor your discovery in a wide variety of cases. Quickly customize interrogatories for:

  • Vehicular negligence
  • Sexual harassment
  • Insurance bad faith
  • Premises liability
  • Product liability
  • Legal malpractice
  • Wrongful termination
  • Age discrimination
  • Wrongful death and survival actions
  • Medical malpractice
  • Governmental tort liability
  • Liability insurance: agent and broker liability
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Workplace violence
  • Fraud and deceit
  • Elder abuse
  • ADA claims
  • Interference with business relations
  • And more!

Coverage in key practice areas helps you construct precise, winning questions for plaintiffs or defendants. 

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Publish Date 08/20/2018
Publish Frequency Annually
Product Line Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S.
ISBN 9781945421235
SKU 10066328-0001
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Practice Tips and Preliminary Considerations
Chapter 2 General Interrogatories - Background and Investigation
Chapter 3 General Interrogatories - Damages, Defenses and Denials
Chapter 4 Vehicular Negligence
Chapter 5 Premises Liability
Chapter 6 Product Liability
Chapter 7 Insurance Bad Faith
Chapter 8 Legal Malpractice
Chapter 9 Malicious Prosecution
Chapter 10 Wrongful Death and Survival Actions
Chapter 11 Medical Malpractice
Chapter 12 Governmental Tort Liability
Chapter 13 Wrongful Termination of Employment
Chapter 14 Claims Under the Americans with Disabilities Act
Chapter 15 Secual Harassment
Chapter 16 Age Discrimination
Chapter 17 Workplace Violence
Chapter 18 Fraud and Deceit
Chapter 19 Other Insurance Claims
Chapter 20 Elder Abuse
Chapter 21 Interference with Business Relations
Chapter 22 Liability Insurance: Agent and Broker Liability
Chapter 23 Practice and Discovery Under the Anti-SLAPP Statutes
Chapter 24 Defamation
Chapter 25 Invasion of Privacy
Chapter 26 Breach of Contract
Chapter 27 Claims Under the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act
Chapter 28 Intentional Torts
Chapter 29 Claims Under 42 U.S.C. Section 1983
Chapter 30 Quasi-Contracts
Chapter 31 Common Counts
Chapter 32 Domestic Violence
Chapter 33 Gender-Related Violence
Chapter 34 Dental Malpractice