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Medical Benefits

By Joyce Anne Grabel


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Medical Benefits is a "must" read for all professionals who are responsible for controlling health care costs but who are too busy to keep up with the ever-increasing mass of information on legislation, cost containment, quality of care, and managed care. Twice a month, this unique newsletter gives you an executive briefing on the current data, news, and corporate policies shaping the future of health care. Articles are culled from the 275 best publications and independent reports in the field.

Medical Benefits spotlights essential facts, statistics, survey results, and federal and state regulations. It tells you quickly and concisely where the greatest savings are to be found, which strategies work, which strategies have failed, and why.

As a Medical Benefits subscriber, you'll be among the first to learn about and understand the impact of:

  • Managed care trends and developments
  • Changes at the HMOs, PPOs, and hybrids
  • New methods of provider contracting systems
  • Changing reimbursement structures
  • Evolving Medicare and Medicaid systems
  • Cost containment strategies
  • State and federal reform measures, including HIPAA, ERISA, FMLA, ADA, FAS 106 and COBRA
  • Important court rulings affecting health benefits, including medical malpractice and denial of treatment
  • And much more.
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