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As a major portion of corporate law is nonstatutory, coverage includes a comprehensive treatment of California decisional law, shedding light on the interpretation of statutory provisions carried over substantially unchanged from the prior law as well as those provisions that have been changed to overrule prior interpretations. Whether you’re setting up, governing, or terminating a corporation, Marsh's California Corporation Law gives you authoritative information on all aspects of California corporate law and practice. Conveniently organized by transaction, it is the definitive source for the information you need to: ;
  • Decide whether a business should incorporate or whether another business form would be more appropriate
  • Form and dissolve corporations
  • Determine the legality of a distribution to shareholders under the California General corporation law
  • Execute, file and correct corporate documents
  • Issue shares or debt securities
  • Develop corporate articles and bylaws to govern the creation, staffing and function of the board of directors
  • Define the fiduciary duties of promoters, directors, officers and controlling shareholders
  • Understand the rights of shareholders to call special meetings of the shareholders, remove directors, receive corporate distributions and more
  • Handle all types of corporate reorganizations, including the sale of assets for stock, stock-for-stock exchanges and mergers

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