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The Maritime Law Handbook offers a country-by-country overview of Arrest of Vessels, Enforced Sale of Vessels, Registration of Vessels, and Mortgage on Vessels. The straightforward presentation makes this information extremely accessible.

Tabs divide the information into topical parts, and a second set further breaks down the material by country. Thus, a reader looking for quick information on an issue as it relates to a particular country will find the Maritime Law Handbook a useful reference work.

Texts of most relevant conventions are also included. Moreover, coverage is extremely comprehensive, extending to about 50 countries. Subscribers receive new country reports and updates on a regular basis, ensuring that this broad range of material remains current.

This Handbook is prepared under the auspices of Maritime and Transport Law Committee of the Legal Practice Division of the IBA

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

International Sections

National Sections

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"We have three copies of the Maritime Law Handbook in our New York office. I refer to it quite frequently for substantive advice and for the names of leading practitioners in particular jurisdictions. The Maritime Law Handbook is a very valuable resource and should be in the library of all maritime law firms and financial institutions which deal with vessel arrest and enforced sale of ships as well as the purchase, sale and financing of blue water shipping" Leonard K. Rambusch, Partner, Holland + Knight