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Marco Biagi Selected Writings

Edited by Michele Tiraboschi


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The Selected Papers in this volume, written over a period of some 20 years, represent just a small part of Marco Biagi's scientific writings, and are reprinted here with a view to showing the range, depth and originality of his research work. While many of his papers dealing with labour relations issues in the Italian context were published in Italian, Marco's long association with Johns Hopkins University and Dickinson College, along with his close links with the leading scholars in comparative labour law and industrial relations not just in the member states of the European Union, but also in many other countries, including Japan, were of fundamental importance for his work, and as a result he chose to publish many of his most thought-provoking papers in English.

What emerges from a reading of these papers is the integrity and consistency of his thinking: themes that appear in his early work, such as industrial democracy, employee participation, training for flexibility, the role of small and medium-sized enterprises, and innovative strategies for creating new jobs and improving the quality of work, are further developed in the later years. He always wrote with a sharp eye on changes in the labour market arising from economic, social and political developments, such as most recently the introduction of the single currency, and always with a view to extending the benefits of employment opportunities beyond the existing limits. His ideas will continue to play an influential role in thinking about employment issues for many years to come.

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Publish Date 03/01/2003
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Table of Contents
Foreword by Michele Tiraboschi, Marco Biagi (1950-2002): Bibliographical Note SECTION I THE EUROPEANISATION OF LABOUR LAW AND INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS The Implementation of the Amsterdam Treaty with Regard to Employment: Coordination or Convergence?, The Impact of European Employment Strategy on the Role of Labour Law and Industrial Relations, Changing Industrial Relations – A Few Comments on the Report of the High-Level Group on Industrial Relations and Managing Change in the European Union, Quality in Community Industrial Relations: An Institutional Viewpoint, Quality of Work, Industrial Relations and Employee Involvement in Europe: Thinking the Unthinkable?, The Role of Social Partners in Europe: From Dialogue to Partnership, European Monetary Union and Industrial Relations: Playing a Game of Cat and Mouse? SECTION II HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT AND JOB CREATION POLICIES Job Creation and Labour Law: From Protection Towards Pro-Action, Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, Industrial Relations and Managerial Culture: The Italian Case and Comparative Remarks, Managing Industrial Relations as a Comparative Advantage: From Formalism to Training in Managerial Initiative. The Italian Case and Comparative Remarks, Recession and the Labour Market: Training for Flexibility. The Italian Case in a Comparative Perspective SECTION III INDUSTRIAL DEMOCRACY AND TRADE UNION LAW Forms of Employee Representational Participation, Democracy and Trade Union Action: A Comparative Overview, Employee Representation in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: A Comparative Overview, Italian Trade-Unionism Towards the year 2000: A Journey with no Return?, Workers’ Cooperatives and Labour Relations: An Example of Industrial Democracy in Italy