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Managing Contract Changes by Gregory A. Garrett

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Managing Contract Changes focuses on the management of changes to U.S. government contracts and related subcontracts. It begins by discussing the government contracting environment and how vital it is to properly and cost-effectively manage government contracts and changes to those contracts. Next, it provides a thoughtful discussion of contract interpretation guidelines, and a simple but proven effective six-step change management process. The following material covers the Federal Acquisition Regulation Changes clause, value engineering change proposals, constructive changes, unauthorized commitments, ratification, and the process of negotiating, awarding, and implementing contract changes. A contractors right to seek equitable adjustments for unilateral contract changes and the requirements for processing contract claims are also covered. Latter chapters offer a comprehensive review of what actions can and should be taken to mitigate the risk of litigation and issues related to contract closeout and contract termination. The book is filled with tools, templates, and best practices to assist the reader in managing contract changes.

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Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1 Managing Contract Changes in Turbulent Times
  • Chapter 2 Contract Interpretation Guidelines
  • Chapter 3 Contract Changes Management Process
  • Chapter 4 Changes Clause
  • Chapter 5 Value Engineering Change Proposals
  • Chapter 6 Unauthorized Commitments and Constructive Changes
  • Chapter 7 Negotiating and Awarding Contract Changes
  • Chapter 8 Implementing Contract Changes Using Earned Value Management
  • Chapter 9 Request for Equitable Adjustments and Contractor Claims
  • Chapter 10 Mitigating the Risk of Litigation In Contract Changes
  • Chapter 11 Completing, Terminating, and Closing Out Contracts
  • Appendix, Selected Federal Acquisition Regulation Provisions
  • References
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