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Liber Amicorum Samir Saleh by ZIADE

Liber Amicorum Samir Saleh: Reflections on Dispute Resolution with Particular Emphasis on the Arab World

Edited by Nassib G. Ziadé


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Liber Amicorum Samir Saleh has been conceived to honor Dr. Samir Saleh, one of the leading scholars and international lawyers in the Arab World. It brilliantly upturns the widespread perception that the Islamic and Arab worlds fail to conform to today’s internationalized approach to dispute resolution. With contributions from nineteen eminent authors – judges, arbitrators, academics, practicing lawyers, representatives of international arbitral institutions – this collection of essays and analyses manifests the salutary worldwide influence of Arab law and its intersection with the common law and civil law traditions.

What’s in this book:

The book offers work in English and French that focuses on the fields of law to which Mr. Saleh has made his most significant contributions, namely, arbitration and mediation in different types of international disputes. Among the issues and topics covered are the following:

  • the position of Islamic and Middle Eastern law on alternative dispute resolution;
  • dichotomy between confidentiality and enforcement;
  • Shari’a applicable to the merits in international commercial arbitration;
  • oil and gas agreements;
  • State submission to arbitration in the Arab world;
  • the role of arbitral institutions in the Middle East and North Africa; and
  • interaction between public and private law concepts and practices.

The authors highlight the ongoing challenges and outlook for dispute resolution in the region, discussing case law, evolving legislation, and changes in the practice of international arbitration and mediation in several Arab countries. As an overview of topical issues in international commercial arbitration, this book explains how arbitration institutions have evolved during the past decades.

How this will help you:

Mr. Saleh’s work in strengthening international law while bridging the legal and cultural divides between the Arab region and the rest of the world will undoubtedly continue to inspire generations to come. Given recent developments in Arab and Islamic law and the resulting focus on Arab scholarship and jurisprudence, along with Mr. Saleh’s unparalleled influence on dispute resolution in the Arab world and beyond, the wide-ranging expertise revealed in this Liber Amicorum is sure to be of great practical value to international law practitioners and law firms, alternative dispute resolution scholars, and arbitral institutions worldwide.


Publish Date 12/09/2019
Publish Frequency As Needed
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789403514628
SKU 10073150-0002
Table of Contents

Samir Saleh, un non-conformiste et un visage plus humain du Liban
Nassib G. Ziadé

Confidentiality vs Enforcement: The Treatment of Arbitral Awards by National Courts in Arab States
Omar M.H.Aljazy

L’ordre public transnational dans l’arbitrage international
Roger Assi

The ‘Stiffer’ Dilemma: Some Thoughts on Contract, Remedies, and Dispute Resolution
Benjamin G. Davis

Key Aspects of Egyptian Case Law on International Arbitration
Ahmed S. El-Kosheri

Quelques observations sur les relations entre les juges étatiques et le monde de l’arbitrage
Dominique Hascher

Interim Measures in International Commercial Arbitration
J. Martin Hunter & Renan Frediani Torres Peres

La fin du contrat de représentation commerciale ou l’intérêt commun au service du représentant
Joe Issa El-Khoury

Le concept de médiation dans l’islam
Sélim Jahel

What Has Become of Our Anticipations about Arbitration Three Decades Ago? Reflections on Experience, Expectations and Evolution in International Commercial Arbitration
Sigvard Jarvin

Pour en finir avec la vieille querelle sur l’aptitude de l’État à compromettre
Ramzi Joreige

L’arbitre et la frontière
Mouhib Maamari

The Evolution of International Arbitration in Arab Countries
Ghaleb Mahmassani

Arbitration Clauses in Oil and Gas Agreements in Selected Arab Countries
Fadi Moghaizel

Provisional Measures in International Arbitration as Applied by Lebanese Courts
Fadi B. Nader

Sharia Applicable to the Merits in International Commercial Arbitration
Nathalie Najjar

Autant en emporte le vent … de l’arbitrage
Mirèze Philippe

Arbitral Tribunals’ Authority over Counsel and Experts in International Arbitration
Hassan Ali Radhi

Institutional Arbitration in the Arab Region: Challenges and Prospects
Nassib G. Ziadé