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Liber Amicorum in Honour of Tugrul Ansay

Edited by Sabih Arkan, Aynur Yongalik


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Turul Ansay is an outstanding figure in the landscape of comparative law. In a field that holds ever-growing promise for the future, he continues to manifest his tireless spirit in a wide arc of influential activity. The spectrum of his achievement encompasses many areas of substantive law as well as legal education. He is noted also for his direct contributions to the national legal systems of more than a few countries notably that of his native Turkey contributions characterized by the deep integrity that a truly comparative perspective brings. This impressive Festschrift in honour of Dr. Ansay's 75th birthday presents signal contributions by no less than thiry-six of his colleagues and fellow-comparatists, all of them well-known scholars in their fields. They offer insightful views on some of the many tasks of legal scholarship taken up by Dr. Ansay in the course of his long career, including such areas as the following:

  • European competition law
  • Conflicts of labor law
  • conflicts among EC law and various national legal systems
  • European real property law
  • multiple nationality and diplomatic protection
  • fundamental rights and private international law
  • international consumer protection
  • family relations in foreign law and in international family law
  • Rights on immovable properties in Europe
  • international agreements on jurisdiction
  • the Anglo-internationalisation of law and language
  • foreign direct investment protection
  • legal education in Germany

The wealth of material in this book represents a treasury of commentary and information that no student of comparative law will want to do without. Because of its array of outstanding authors in the field and its important sidelights on such areas as transplanted law, legal and social change, comparative law methodology, European legal integration and convergence, and cross-border import and export of ideas and institutions, this book is far more than a liber amicorum: it is a major new contribution to the field of comparative law, and will be of great value not only to academics but to lawyers involved in cross-border practice in areas such as family law, human rights law, and international business transactions.

Pages 576
Publish Date 06/26/2006
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789041125149
SKU 9041125140
Table of Contents
    My Teacher Prof. Dr. Turul Ansay; S. Arkan. Vorwort; C. Ansay. Die Modernisierung des europäischen Wettbewerbsrechts von der verfrühten Umsetzung unfertiger Konzepte; J. Basedow. Rechtswahl und Rechtsformzwang im Arbeitskollisionsrecht; R. Birk. The Story of Early American Comparative Law; D. S. Clark. Der Europäische Vollstreckungstitel Bestandsaufnahme und kritische Bewertung; D. Coester-Waltjen. Das Recht der Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen im Spannungsfeld zwischen deutschem Recht und europäischem Gemeinschaftsrecht; M. Coester. The Seven Most Frequently Asked Questions About Licensing in Arbitration Proceedings; F. Dessemontet. Der lange Weg zu einem Europäischen Vermögensrecht; U. Drobnig. The Swiss Governmental System: Unique in the World; T. Fleiner. Multiple Nationality and Diplomatic Protection; K. Hailbronner. Fundamental Rights and Private Law: The Case of the Netherlands; E. Hondius. Studien über Probleme des türkischen internationalen Erbrechts; H. Krüger. Zur staatlichen Verantwortlichkeit für das Leben Ein Beitrag zum deutsch-türkischen Rechtsdialog; P. Kunig. The Unification of Property Law in the European Union; B. Lurger. Deutsches Recht im türkischen Basar? Oder: Grundsatzfragen des internationalen Verbraucherschutzes in der Bewährung am konkreten Fall; P. Mankowski. Familienbeziehungen im Ausländerrecht und im internationales Familienrecht; D. Martiny. A Critical Analysis of the Mechanisms Used to Enforce Financial Obligations in a Condominium or Apartment Ownership Scheme; C. van der Merwe, L. Muniz-Argülles. A Miscellany from a Comparative Lawyer; E. Örücü. Judicial Protection in the EU; N. Reich. Immobiliarsachenrecht in Europa Skizze eines unvermessenen Gebiets; O. Remien. Das Ende eines türkischen Verlöbnisses vor einem deutschen Amtsgericht; C. Rumpf. Der Art. 23 EuGVO als einheitlicher Maßstab für Internationale Gerichtsstandsvereinbarungen; J. Samtleben. Die unternehmerische Erbenhaftung im geltenden und im künftigen Recht; M. Schauer. Zum Kreis sonderanknüpfungsfähäger Eingriffsnormen¿ im Internationalen Privaterecht; A. K. Schnyder. Policy and Fairness in the Assisted Reproduction Process: The Indispensable Requirement of Continuous Mutual Parental Consent (A Critique of the Nachmani Decision); A. Shapira. Handel mit türkischen Kulturgütern; K. Siehr. Staatsangehörigkeitsverlust durch Legitimation Deutsch-Türken unter dem verfassungswidrigen Fallbeil des RuStAÄndG 1974; F. Sturm. Die Grundzüge der ungarischen Privatrechtsreform; L. Vékás. The International Practise of Law and the Anglo-Internationalisation of Law and Language; N. P. Vogt. The EC Court Case Law on the Right of Establishment of Companies and its Impact on the Law Applicable to Legal Persons; S. Vrellis. Ironies of Foreign Direct Investment Protection: The Privatization of Dispute Settlement and Public Protest; D. Wallace, Jr. Lücken der foundation governance und ihre Ausfüllung; W. R. Walz. Testiergebot, Testierverbot und Vermächtnis einer fremden Sache im österreichischen Recht; R. Welser. Die gleichgeschlechtliche Ehe im deutschen IPR und im europäischen Verfahrensrecht; P. Winkler v. Mohrenfels. Company Law and Freedom of Establishment in the EU; E. Wymeersch. Legal Education in Germany: Some Characteristic Features; R. Zimmermann