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Libel & Privacy Second Edition by Bruce W. Sanford

Libel and Privacy, Second Edition



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One of the nation's leading First Amendment attorneys provides media counsel with up-to-date information on how to avoid litigation, the "public person," settlement and pretrial tactics, winning trial tactics and cost minimization techniques; with ample case analysis, including the landmark case Moldea v. New York Times Co. By Bruce W. Sanford.

Libel and Privacy by Bruce W. Sanford explains how the U.S. Supreme Court is now approaching constitutional libel law and setting the boundaries for invasion of privacy suits. Comprehensive coverage of all key topics includes:

  • Establishing effective techniques to avoid litigation by following the four-step review process
  • In-depth treatment of "public person"
  • Valuable settlement and pretrial tactics
  • Winning trial tactics and cost minimization techniques
  • Analysis of recent cases and new developments including those in the emerging cyber-like area
  • Discussion of the landmark case Moldea v. New York Times Co. -- which the author argued and won
  • An illustration of the legal and factual criteria governing the measurement of damages in libel actions
  • And more

Last Updated 06/11/2018
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Table of Contents
  1. Evolution of a New Tort
  2. Defamation from the Dark Ages to the Information Age: A Global Overview
  3. Pre-Publication Review
  4. Injury to Reputation
  5. Opinion v. Fact
  6. Truth
  7. Who is the Plaintiff? The Public v. the Private Person Determination
  8. Evaluating the Standard of Care
  9. The Damage Assessment
  10. State Law Privileges
  11. Privacy
  12. Handling the Pre-Litigation Complaint
  13. Litigation Prior to Trial
  14. The Libel Trial: An Essay
  • Appendix A. Libel Privilege Statutes
  • Appendix B. Libel Retraction Statutes
  • Appendix B1. Uniform Correction or Clarification of Defamation Act
  • Appendix C. Statutes of Limitations
  • Table of Cases
  • Index

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