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Law of the Internet, Fourth Edition by Jeffrey H. Matsuura ,George B. Delta Law of the Internet, Fourth Edition by Jeffrey H. Matsuura ,George B. Delta

Law of the Internet, Fourth Edition

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Law of the Internet, Fourth Edition is a two-volume up-to-date legal resource covering electronic commerce and online contracts, privacy and network security, intellectual property and online content management, secure electronic transactions, cryptography, and digital signatures, protecting intellectual property online through link licenses, frame control and other methods, online financial services and securities transactions, antitrust and other liability.

The Law of the Internet, Fourth Edition quickly and easily gives you everything you need to provide expert counsel on:

  • Privacy laws and the Internet
  • Ensuring secure electronic transactions, cryptography, and digital signatures
  • Protecting intellectual property online - patents, trademarks, and copyright
  • Electronic commerce and contracting
  • Online financial services and electronic payments
  • Antitrust issues, including pricing, bundling and tying
  • Internal network security
  • Taxation of electronic commerce
  • Jurisdiction in Cyberspace
  • Defamation and the Internet
  • Obscene and indecent materials on the Internet
  • Regulation of Internet access and interoperability

The authors George B. Delta and Jeffrey H. Matsuura -- two Internet legal experts who advise America's top high-tech companies -- demonstrate exactly how courts, legislators and treaties expand traditional law into the new context of the Internet and its commercial applications, with all the citations you'll need. The Law of the Internet also brings you up to date on all of the recent legal, commercial, and technical issues surrounding the Internet and provides you with the knowledge to thrive in the digital marketplace. Special features of this two-volume resource include timesaving checklists and references to online resources.

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Pages 2318
Last Updated 08/03/2021
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ISBN 9781454878698
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Table of Contents


  • Chapter 1. Introduction
  • Chapter 2. Jurisdictional Issues in Cyberspace
  • Chapter 3. Privacy
  • Chapter 4. Computer Security
  • Chapter 5. The Law of Electronic Contracts
  • Chapter 6. E-Business: The Digital Marketplace
  • Chapter 7. Tax Issues and Electronic Commerce
  • Chapter 8. Antitrust
  • Chapter 9. Regulation of Access, Interoperability, and Services
  • Chapter 10. Intellectual Property


  • Chapter 11. Copyright
  • Chapter 12. Trademarks
  • Chapter 13. Patents
  • Chapter 14. Defamation
  • Chapter 15. Obscene and Indecent Materials
  • Chapter 16. Export Controls
  • Chapter 17. E-Government

Appendix 1. Personal Data Privacy
Appendix 2. Electronic Records Management Checklist
Appendix 3. Network Use and Security Guidelines
Appendix 4. Website Notice/Disclaimer Checklist
Appendix 5. Checklist for Link Licenses
Appendix 6. World Wide Website Development Agreement
Appendix 7. E-Commerce Business Practice Guidelines
Appendix 8. Online Content Management Checklist
Appendix 9. Guidelines for Managing Online Conflicts
Appendix 10. Law Offices Online
Appendix 11. Avoiding Problems Caused by Obscene and Indecent Materials
Appendix 12. Export Control Compliance Checklist
Appendix 13. Minimizing Potential Liability from Internet Operations
Appendix 14. Avoiding Multiple Taxation and Minimizing the Effect of Sales and Use Tax

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