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Law of Restitution, Second Edition by George E. Palmer Law of Restitution, Second Edition by George E. Palmer

Law of Restitution, Second Edition

By George E. Palmer
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Restitution, a vital means of redress in unjust enrichment cases, is a fundamental legal principle manifested explicitly in contract, tort, and much of the common law. Now, offering insightful analysis of principles and practical, expert advice about available remedies in a wide range of actions, The Law of Restitution gives you powerful strategies for cases involving such elements or allegations as:

  • Withdrawal of professional services
  • Disputes between contractors and subcontractors
  • Void leases
  • Foreclosure
  • Fraudulent bank conduct
  • Securities fraud
  • Copyright, patent, or trade secret infringement
  • Breach of advertising, consulting, or franchise contracts
  • Unjust enrichment of third-party beneficiaries

The Law of Restitution shows how important restitution is in many contract situations, sometimes as an alternative or supplement to damages, sometimes as the only choice for obtaining relief. You'll find representative cases and pleadings in abundance, to help you plan your client's position and strategy.

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Pages 2764
Last Updated 09/14/2020
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Table of Contents

Volume I:

  • Tort or Equitable Wrong
  • Fraud and Misrepresentation
  • Restitution for he Defendant's Breach
  • Restitution to a Party in Default on a Contract

Volume II:

  • Restitution Under Unenforceable Contracts
  • Restitution When a Contract Obligation Is Discharged by Impossibility or Frustration of Purpose
  • Restitution Under Illegal Contracts
  • Restitution of Benefits Obtained by Duress
  • Unsolicited Benefits and the Volunteer
  • An Introduction to Mistake in Business Transactions
  • Mistake in Basic Assumptions

;Volume III:

  • Mistake in Expression or Integration
  • Mistake in Performance and Related Problems
  • Mistake in Business Transactions: Misunderstanding
  • Mistake in Business Transactions: Problems of General Significance
  • Mistake in Business Transactions: Unsolicited Benefits

;Volume IV:

  • Mistake in Inter Vivos Gift Transactions
  • Wrongful Interference with Inter Vivos Gifts: The Uses of Constructive Trust
  • Mistake, or Fraud and Other Wrongful Conduct Affecting Succession at Death
  • Three-Party Problems: Restitution of Benefits Received by the Defendant from a Third Person
  • Three-Party Problems: Restitution Based upon Payment or Transfer to a Third Person
  • Three-Party Problems: Benefits and Burdens
  • Where Two Parties Are Separately Liable to a Third Party