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Law of Monopolies

Law of Monopolies

By David M. Raybould, Shazeeda A. Ali


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The main object of this major work is to analyse the laws of monopolies and mergers in the United States , the European Community, Germany and the United Kingdom. It is not, however, possible to explain the rules on monopolies and mergers outside the context of the rules on restrictive arrangements (restraints of trade); many of the concepts under which the activities of a dominant firm may be treated as monopolistic derive directly from the categories of prohibited conduct under the cartel provisions. The work is essentially a country by country analysis of the anti-trust rules of the four jurisdictions mentioned. Accordingly the Sherman Act, the Clayton Act, Articles 85 and 86 of the Treaty of Rome, the German Law Against Restraints of Competition, the UK Fair Trading Act, Restrictive Trade Practices Act and Competition Act are all examined in detail. Where appropriate, subsidiary legislation also, in particular the various regulations issued by the European Council and the European Commission, are dealt with.
Publish Date 01/01/1984
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ISBN 9781853336249
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Table of Contents
    U.S.A: -- Summary of Antitrust Laws. Sherman Act, Section 1. Sherman Act, Section 2. The Clayton Act. The Federal Trade Commission Act. The Robinson-Patman Act. Monopolisation and Attempts to Monopolise. Mergers. Interlocking Directorates. Joint Ventures. Jurisdictional Aspects. EEC: -- Summary of Competition Laws. Article 85. Crisis Cartels. Joint Ventures. Article 86. Mergers. Intellectual Property and Free Movement in the Common Market. Germany: -- Outline of the Substantive Provisions. Control of Abusive Behaviour by Market Dominating Enterprises. Merger Control. UK: -- Introduction. An Outline of the Substantive Provisions. Monopolies. Merger Control. The Competition Act. Index.