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Launching & Operating Satellites, Legal Issues

Launching & Operating Satellites, Legal Issues

By R. Bender


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Launching and Operating Satellites has two themes. How does an entrepreneur orbit a spacecraft legally? Once in orbit, what legal risks need to be managed?

The book explains the practical hurdles entrepreneurs must leap:

  • how to wage and win the administrative battle to capture scarce satellite orbits and frequencies;
  • how to protect against launch and transponder failures and the illegal export of satellite technology; and
  • how to meet competitive challenges satellite owners already operating may hurl at the entrepreneur.

    The book also discusses operating concerns: When will foreign State consent for satellite communications and broadcasts be required? How will remote sensing satellite data be protected? May satellites be used for newsgathering or for military purposes?

    Launching and Operating Satellites should interest the deal makers, deal breakers, agencies mediating their disputes, and lawyers, legislators, and judges who must act when mediation fails.

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    ISBN 9789041105073
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    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Satellite Basics
    3. International Telecommunications Union
    4. Regulation by National Administrations
    5. Compliance with Export Restrictions
    6. Satisfying Indemnity and Insurance Requirements
    7. Contracting for the Purchase, Launch & Lease of a Satellite
    8. Global Satellite Service
    9. Competing with Global Systems
    10. Competition & Free Trade Concerns
    11. International Law: DBS and Freedom of Information
    12. DBS & Global Constitutions
    13. DBS & The First Amendment to the US Constitution
    14. Remote Sensing Basics
    15. Remote Sensing: Resolution 41/65
    16. National Remote Sensing Systems
    17. Remote Sensing: Newsgathering
    18. The Legality of the Military Use of Space
    19. Looking Back: Looking Ahead
    20. International Responsibility & Liability: Developing an Approach