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Labour Law in Hellas

Labour Law in Hellas

By Theodore B. Koniaris


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The law of dependent work relations in contemporary Hellas combines a number of historical trends, including a unique communal and mercantile collectivism that has flourished for many centuries and survived the Turkish occupation. The country's venerable democratic traditions have ensured its early adoption of such international developments as trade unions, collective bargaining, social insurance, ILO conventions, and EC labour directives.

Labour Law in Hellas provides a survey of the subject that is both usefully brief and sufficiently detailed to answer most questions likely to arise in any legal setting pertaining to labour and industrial relations in Hellas. The reader will find clear and concise discussion of such topics as the following:

  • social security;
  • deregulation;
  • the individual employment contract;
  • government agencies affecting labour;
  • significant jurisprudence;
  • competitive examinations;
  • the right to non-performance; and
  • duties of the employer.

    As a handy, easy-to-use, practical source on its subject matter, Labour Law in Hellas is without peer. It will more than amply supply any interested business person or lawyer with all the information and guidance he or she requires.

  • Publish Date 04/01/2002
    Product Line Kluwer Law International
    ISBN 9789041118271
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    Table of Contents
      List of Abbreviations
      The General Features
      Definitions and Notions
      The Historical Background
      The Role of the Government: Intervention vs. Autonomy
      Sources of Labour Law
      The Principle of Equality
      Employment of EU Nationals
      Employment of Other Foreign Workers
      Private International Labour Law
      Selected Bibliography

      Part I: The Individual Employment Relationship
      1. Definitions and Concepts
      2. Work Performance: Duties of the Parties in the Course of Employment
      3. Working Time and Leave, Holidays, Annual Vacation
      4. Remuneration
      5. Suspension and Change of the Individual Labour Contract
      6. Termination of the Individual Labour Contract
      7. Inventions by Employees
      8. Settlement of Individual Disputes

      Part II: Collective Labour Relations
      1. Trade Union Freedom
      2. Employees' Representation and Employers' Associations
      3. Institutionalised Relations between Employers' and Employees' Representatives
      4. Collective Bargaining
      5. Industrial Conflict