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Access the most complete resource for labor relations and employment law – all in one place!

Our Labor & Employment Law Library is your complete online resource that links federal and state labor and employment laws to thousands of cases, concise explanations and expert analysis. Recently updated to include over 30,000 labor arbitration awards, we now offer one of the most robust online libraries for your labor arbitration research.

Also included are time saving tools, including state and federal employment comparison charts, tracker news alerts and more. Practice efficiently with a new forms, checklists and policies library. Stay current with the latest news from Employment Law Daily — our daily news service that delivers the day’s breaking news right to your inbox.

Employment Law

  • Accommodating Disabilities Decisions Management Guide - Get practical, cost-effective and timely strategies for ensuring ADA and Rehabilitation Act compliance. You'll find access to the full text of federal laws and regulations, sample policies and job descriptions — even design guidelines and diagrams for public accommodations.
  • Employment Law Forms and Checklist Library - Forms, checklists, pleadings and sample policies are grouped by Employment Law, Labor Relations and Wages Hours topical areas.
  • Employment Practices Guide - Complete coverage of both federal and state anti-discrimination laws, including expert analysis and practical guidance for compliance and training.
  • OFCCP Federal Contract - Gain key insights into what the government looks for when checking compliance with affirmative action rules, and learn how to devise strategies for eliminating discrimination and enforcing policy.
  • State Employment Law Library - Contains the full text of state employment laws, regulations, and executive orders covering employment and wage-hour issues. Allows you to easily search using plain language across multiple jurisdictions.
  • State and Federal Employment Law Compare - Succinct summaries of state and federal employment laws, regulations and executive orders, as well as the full text of those laws, plus case law.
  • Wages Hours Reports - For businesses engaged in interstate commerce — and thus subject to federal wage-hour law — this reporter provides the critical information you need to ensure compliance under the network of statutes, administrative rulings and court interpretations.

Labor Law

  • Labor Arbitration Awards - A leading repository of more than 30,000 awards covering a wide variety of industries and grievances. IncludedSmart Chart functionality allows you to match arbitrator biographies with published awards. Includes monthly newsletter.
  • Labor Relations - Delivers the expert analysis and up-to-date coverage you need to help resolve all types of labor issues. Use it to stay on top of topics including collective bargaining, employer/union interference, and protection of employees' organizing rights.
  • Labor Law Journal – Since 1947, this quarterly journal examines the complex relationship between law, labor-management and the economy, with frank, open discussions of labor issues by today's top experts.
  • NLRB Case Handling Manual - Gain clear guidance on the NLRB's procedures for processing cases, including step-by-step help with handling unfair labor practice charges, elections and compliance proceedings.


  • Accommodating Disabilities Decisions - This quick but tho
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