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The Manual IP on Kluwer IP Law  is the master resource when it comes to IP rights and registration.

Profiling 200 nations and regional systems in every corner of the globe, packs a world of essential patent, trademark and design information into one, fully searchable database.

Unequalled in scope, accuracy and sheer volume of information, the site delivers:

  • Fast full access to essential primary source material
  • Full text of key conventions, treaties and agreements
  • Reliable analysis and summaries is easy to navigate, easy to browse and designed to make country comparisons simple.

New Features!

Smart Charts™, a workflow tool to quickly and easily compare information across multiple jurisdictions and Kluwer IP  News Alert , delivered via RSS or e-mail. Click here for more information.



Resources DM Piece
DM Piece
Last Updated 07/24/2017
Update Frequency Updated 6 times annually
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789071888014
SKU 9071888010
Resources DM Piece
DM Piece
Last Updated 08/15/2006
Product Line Kluwer Law International
SKU 9888001362
Table of Contents
  1. Kinds of Patents
  2. Duration of protection
  3. Who may apply
  4. Filing, examination and granting procedures
  5. Annuities and fees
  6. Infringement


  • Assignment
  • Licenses
  • Collection and certification marks
  • Protection
  • Invalidation


  • Novelty requirements
  • Not reisterable
  • Official procedure
  • Volumes